Every month, the CEOWORLD magazine’s global c-suite executive survey closely follows the thinking and priorities of leading c-suite executives representing some of the world’s largest and most impactful organizations. The report summarizes c-suite executives’ opinions across four key areas: company expectations and priorities; global and local business environment; financial priorities; and personal priorities.

Participation is open to all industries except public sector entities. The results are weighted proportionally to the country or regional nominal GDP to ensure that the views of CEOs are representative across all major regions. All interviews are conducted confidentially.

Readers interested in participating in the survey can email info@ceoworld.biz or fill out the form below.

How to participate in the CEOWORLD magazine’s global c-suite executive survey?

The participant should be an executive-level company representative, occupying roles such as chief executive, CTO, CFO, CMO, COO, or Managing Directors, including other equivalent senior leadership positions (collectively called ‘CXO’).

The surveys are conducted concurrently, even though the sets of questions vary. CEOs should exclusively participate in the CEO Survey. We anticipate CEOs (here, ‘CEO’ refers to the top most professional) to engage in a confidential and thoughtful survey experience, extract strengths and areas for improvement from their results, share these findings with their team, and act upon them.

Is the survey confidential?

The global c-suite executive survey is managed by CEOWORLD magazine, committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all participating organizations and their employees. Any disclosed data will be presented in aggregate form, complying with stringent confidentiality standards. To promote complete honesty from employees, we assure you that all responses and comments in the survey are 100% CONFIDENTIAL. Your organization will not be privy to individual responses or know who has participated in the study.

CEOWORLD magazine will safeguard this information by implementing strict security protocols. The results will be shared with organizational leaders as part of the company’s comprehensive data. While leaders may view and group data differently, organizations will not have access to responses tied to any specific individual.

What will CEOWORLD magazine do with the data overall?

The primary use of your data is to gather responses from C-suite executives. Secondarily, CEOWORLD magazine shares aggregate results with the broader community to highlight trends and patterns in our sector in a report. These reports include only the combined data from the organizations that have taken the survey. We will never share specific data from your organization with anyone or include your name, contact details, or organization’s name in our reports without explicit permission.