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Highest Paying Primary And Secondary Education Jobs, 2020 Rankings

We might end up forgetting a lot of things in our lives, but not our teachers. It is mainly because teachers play a very important role in shaping the life of every student.

There are numerous examples of people, who have attributed their success to their teachers. As education is the only asset that prepares us for all the complex equations in life, it is now time to shed light on similar types of job roles.

In the ranking below we will outline some of the best education jobs that impact the lives of children by helping them build a positive outlook towards life from a very nascent stage. To identify 10 Highest Primary And Secondary Paying Education Jobs, 2020 rankings, we started with jobs that have the largest projected number and percentage of openings from 2018 to 2028, as determined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  1. High school teacher. (Median Salary: $60,320)
  2. Middle school teacher. (Median Salary: $58,600)
  3. Elementary school teacher. (Median Salary: $58,200)
  4. Health Educator. (Median Salary: $54,220)
  5. Sports Coach. (Median Salary: $33,700)
  6. Preschool Teacher. (Median Salary: $29,700)
  7. Teachers Assistant. (Median Salary: $26,900)

Taking the topmost spot on our list is the role of a High school teacher. A high school teacher deals with teens and has a specialization in at least one subject. Beyond the regular curriculum activity, a high school teacher shall also perform the duties of a counselor. As the high school students experience a lot of adult issues, it is the role of the teacher to guide them about their future careers. Also, additional responsibilities to shoulder by a high school teacher is organizing field trips and making students actively take part in other curricular activities.

Middle School Teacher: A middle school teacher work with students starting from grade 5 to 8. As the abrupt transition from primary to middle school is not easy, many students face problems in different subjects. The middle school teachers, therefore, invest a lot of effort into engaging a student while learning. It is their selfless devotion to the craft which makes the job role stand out from the rest.

Elementary school teachers: The job role of an elementary school teacher requires a lot of energy. It is because they have to deal with kids constantly. Most of these educators are true professionals as they have knowledge about a variety of subjects. Elementary school teachers work with each student individually and assess their abilities. These teachers also make use of various props to make study time more fun. As elementary school teachers work with kids for a longer period of time, they also help in polishing their skills further.

Health Educator. Health educators develop life lessons that help students to choose a healthy lifestyle. Today many young students fall in the clutches of substance abuse. With the help of a health educator, a child can improve the quality of life. These professionals also teach and engage learners with the essential knowledge and hence in the upcoming 7 to 8 years, the profession will see a further upsurge.

Preschool Teacher: The second job to earn a spot on our list is that of a Preschool Teacher. Preschool lays the foundation stone of education for a child. It is the only school environment where creativity overshadows worksheets. Preschool helps incorporates problem-solving skills in the kids. Thereby the main role of a preschool teacher is to keep the little munchkins engaged and prepare them for the school years ahead.

Sports Coach: We all have heard the popular saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. And this is where a sports coach comes into the picture. Sport coaches train amateurs to become professional players either as an individual or as a team. Today many students take-up sports as their career ahead and hence the demand for coaches is also on the rise. By the year 2028, it is predicted that this job field will witness 10.5 percent employment growth resulting in many job vacancies for sports professionals.

Teachers Assistant: A teacher assistant is mostly an instructor who wears lots of hats. Their main contribution is to improve students’ outcomes. As a teacher’s assistant, one gets a lot of opportunities to know the students better. These professionals also have a chance to listen to the personal stories of children and connect with them at the core level. Besides this, they also assist teachers in imparting effective instruction which results in higher test scores.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Highest Paying Primary And Secondary Education Jobs, 2020 Rankings
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