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CEO Briefing

Be a leader who coaches, not criticizes

In our book Intentional Leadership, we profile many trustworthy leaders and the highlight the ways that they lead so that others can be trustworthy leaders as well. One common theme is that they use a coaching style of leadership to bring out the best in their employees. A coaching manager...
Anaïs Beaucousin
CEO Briefing

Security is everyone’s business: Five ways organisations can foster a security-conscious culture to protect their assets and brand.

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate security, the role of the Chief Business Security Officer (CBSO) has undergone a profound transformation. While the position has long been synonymous with safeguarding business interests, the escalating complexity of cyber threats, data security management and geopolitical events now require additional skills, focus and...
Dimple Dhabalia
CEO Briefing

The Hidden Toll: How Organizational Trauma Stifles Productivity and Sabotages the Mission

In the quest for higher profits and increased productivity, organizations often review market trends, optimize efficiencies, and fine-tune operations. Yet, behind every profit margin and productivity metric lies an often overlooked factor: organizational trauma–silently draining resources, stifling potential, and sabotaging the organization’s ability to effectively meet its mission. As human...
CEO Briefing

Executive Coaching or Team Coaching?

There’s no denying the rise and effectiveness of executive coaching. ICF Global Coaching states, “The most recent revenue estimate for the global coaching industry was in 2023 at $4.564 billion. The increase was 62% from 2019. In 2019, the revenue was at $2.849 billion. This figure revealed a 21% increase since...
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