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Ranked: Here Are The Richest Self-made Women In The United States, 2020

With a net worth of roughly $7 billion, Diane Hendricks is the wealthiest self-made woman in the United States, followed by Judy Faulkner ($5.5 billion), Meg Whitman ($5.1 billion); and Marian Ilitch ($4 billion). Diane Hendricks made her fortune by founding wholesale roofing distributor ABC Supply in 1982 with her husband Ken Hendricks.

Johnelle Hunt is the fifth-richest self-made women in the United States, with $3.4 billion. Thai Lee ranked 6th with a personal wealth of $3.1 billion, edging out Judy Love ($2.9 billion; No. 7), Lynda Resnick ($2.8 billion; No. 8), Oprah Winfrey ($2.5 billion; No. 9), and Doris Fisher ($2.4 billion; No. 10).

RankNameNet worth (USD)
1Diane Hendricks$7 billion
2Judy Faulkner$5.5 billion
3Meg Whitman$5.1 billion
4Marian Ilitch$4 billion
5Johnelle Hunt$3.4 billion
6Thai Lee$3.1 billion
7Judy Love$2.9 billion
8Lynda Resnick$2.8 billion
9Oprah Winfrey$2.5 billion
10Doris Fisher$2.4 billion
11Alice Schwartz$2.2 billion
12Sheryl Sandberg$1.8 billion
12Elaine Wynn$1.8 billion
14Gail Miller$1.7 billion
14Peggy Cherng$1.7 billion
16Jin Sook Chang$1.5 billion
17Kathy Fields$1.4 billion
17Katie Rodan$1.4 billion
19Eren Ozmen$1.2 billion
20Jayshree Ullal$1.2 billion
20Anastasia Soare$1.2 billion
22Safra Catz$1.1 billion
23Sara Blakely$1 billion
23Neerja Sethi$1 billion
25Weili Dai$0.96 billion
26Christel DeHaan$0.95 billion
27Kylie Jenner$0.90 billion
28Kit Crawford$0.89 billion
29Tory Burch$0.85 billion
30Young Sohn$0.84 billion
31Sheila Johnson$0.82 billion
32Nancy Zimmerman$0.74 billion
33Anne Wojcicki$0.69 billion
34Anne Dinning$0.68 billion
35Marissa Mayer$0.62 billion
36Huda Kattan$0.61 billion
37Rihanna$0.60 billion
38Theresia Gouw$0.58 billion
39Madonna$0.57 billion
40Kendra Scott$0.55 billion
41Mary West$0.53 billion
42Carolyn Rafaelian$0.52 billion
43Victoria Zoellner$0.50 billion
44Susan Wojcicki$0.49 billion
45Vera Wang$0.46 billion
46Celine Dion$0.45 billion
47Jamie Kern Lima$0.44 billion
47Judy Sheindlin$0.44 billion
49Donna Karan$0.43 billion
49Adi Tatarko$0.43 billion
51Beyonce Knowles$0.40 billion
51Barbra Streisand$0.40 billion
53Janice Bryant Howroyd$0.39 billion
53Nora Roberts$0.39 billion
55Katrina Lake$0.38 billion
56Danielle Steel$0.37 billion
56Kathleen Hildreth$0.37 billion
56Kim Kardashian$0.37 billion
56Therese Tucker$0.37 billion
60Neha Narkhede$0.36 billion
60Taylor Swift$0.36 billion
62Liz Elting$0.35 billion
63Ellen DeGeneres$0.33 billion
63Belinda Johnson$0.33 billion
65Martine Rothblatt$0.32 billion
66Sonia Gardner$0.31 billion
66Jessica Iclisoy$0.31 billion
66Pleasant Rowland$0.31 billion
69Ashley Chen$0.30 billion
69Patricia Miller$0.30 billion
69Lynda Weinman$0.30 billion
72Whitney Wolfe Herd$0.29 billion
73Susan Wagner$0.28 billion
74Karissa Bodnar$0.27 billion
74Toni Ko$0.27 billion
76Marcia Page$0.25 billion
77Suzy Batiz$0.24 billion
77Reese Witherspoon$0.24 billion
79Angela Ahrendts$0.23 billion
80Serena Williams$0.22 billion

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Ranked: Here Are The Richest Self-made Women In The United States, 2020
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