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Ranked: Countries with the Most Social Media Users, 2024

Social Media Users

The global embrace of social media has transformed it into a ubiquitous phenomenon, with nearly half of the world’s populace, estimated at 4 billion individuals, participating in diverse social networking platforms. This represents significant growth, with a 15 percent increase in active users since 2020. This surge underscores the expanding role of social media as a pivotal force in molding the dynamics of worldwide communication.

Social platforms have facilitated easier and faster interactions across continents and have become essential tools for news dissemination, cultural exchange, and business marketing. This trend reflects the deepening integration of digital connectivity into the fabric of daily life, highlighting social media’s capacity to influence public opinion, consumer behavior, and even political movements on a global scale. As these platforms continue to evolve, their impact on society underscores the changing landscape of how people connect, share, and engage with each other and the world around them.

Social Media Growth Trends: The growth of social media has been consistent over the years. In 2015, there were 2.078 billion users; by 2016, the number had risen to 2.307 billion, indicating a 21 percent growth. Subsequent years witnessed a 9 percent growth rate in 2018, reaching 3.196 billion users, and by 2020, the numbers peaked at 3.960 billion.

On average, people spend 2 hours and 31 minutes daily using social media. They use an average of 6.6 social platforms per month. The top five favorite social media platforms, in order, are WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, and TikTok. The top five most-used social media platforms, in order, are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and WeChat.

Countries with the Most Social Media Users, 2024

RankCountryumber of users
1China1 billion
2India467 million
3United States246 million
4Indonesia167 million
5Brazil152.4 million
6Russia106 million
7Mexico94 million
8Japan92 million
9Philippines84.5 million
10Pakistan71.7 million
11Germany70.9 million
12Vietnam70 million
13Turkey62.5 million
14United Kingdom57.1 million
15Thailand52.3 million
16France52.1 million
17Iran48 million
18South Korea47.6 million
19Egypt46.3 million
20Bangladesh44.7 million
21Italy43.9 million
22Spain40.7 million
23Colombia38.5 million
24Argentina36.4 million
25Canada33.1 million
26Nigeria31.6 million
27Saudi Arabia29.1 million
28Poland27.5 million
29Malaysia26.8 million
30Ukraine26.7 million
31South Africa25.8 million
32Iraq25.5 million
33Peru25.1 million
34Algeria23.9 million
35Morocco21.3 million
36Australia21.3 million
37Taiwan20.2 million
38Chile16.6 million
39Netherlands15.5 million
40Myanmar15 million
41Latvia14.8 million
42Venezuela14.6 million
43Romania13.5 million
44Ecuador13.3 million
45Nepal12.6 million
46Kazakhstan11.8 million
47Cambodia10.9 million
48Kenya10.6 million
49United Arab Emirates10 million
50Belgium9.4 million
51Guatemala8.7 million
52Sweden8.7 million
53Czech Republic8.1 million
54Portugal8.1 million
55Bolivia7.5 million
56Greece7.5 million
57Hungary7.4 million
58Dominican Republic7.4 million
59Austria7.3 million
60Switzerland7.3 million
61Tunisia7.2 million
62Sri Lanka7.2 million
63Israel7.1 million
64Hong Kong6.7 million
65Cuba6.7 million
66Jordan6.6 million
67Ghana6.6 million
68Ethiopia6.4 million
69Ivory Coast6.4 million
70Libya5.7 million
71Uzbekistan5.3 million
72Singapore5.1 million
73Serbia5 million
74Denmark4.9 million
75Lebanon4.9 million
76DR Congo4.9 million
77Tanzania4.9 million
78Finland4.6 million
79Norway4.6 million
80Paraguay4.5 million
81Bulgaria4.4 million
82Honduras4.4 million
83Belarus4.3 million
84New Zealand4.2 million
85Oman4.2 million
86Slovakia4.2 million
87Azerbaijan4.2 million
88Ireland4 million
89El Salvador4 million
90Cameroon3.9 million
91Costa Rica3.8 million
92Angola3.7 million
93Kuwait3.6 million
94Nicaragua3.5 million
95Laos3.4 million
96Afghanistan3.1 million
97Yemen3 million
98Senegal3 million
99Georgia3 million
100Madagascar3 million
101Palestine3 million
102Croatia2.9 million
103Panama2.9 million
104Uruguay2.8 million
105Kyrgyzstan2.8 million
106Zambia2.7 million
107Qatar2.6 million
108Mozambique2.5 million
109Mongolia2.5 million
110Puerto Rico2.2 million
111Armenia2.2 million
112Lithuania2.1 million
113Haiti2.1 million
114Uganda2 million
115Burkina Faso2 million
116Bosnia and Herzegovina2 million
117Somalia1.9 million
118Guinea1.9 million
119Mali1.7 million
120Slovenia1.6 million
121Moldova1.6 million
122Albania1.6 million
123Zimbabwe1.5 million
124Bahrain1.5 million
125Jamaica1.4 million
126Benin1.3 million
127North Macedonia1.2 million
128Tajikistan1.1 million
129Botswana1.1 million
130Trinidad and Tobago1.1 million
131Cyprus1.1 million
132Estonia1.1 million
133Mauritius875 thousand
134Papua New Guinea872.9 thousand
135Mauritania822.6 thousand
136Rwanda800.7 thousand
137Malawi783.8 thousand
138Sierra Leone779.8 thousand
139Togo775.6 thousand
140Republic of the Congo763.3 thousand
141Solomon Islands732.3 thousand
142Namibia729.2 thousand
143Burundi714.7 thousand
144Gabon680.4 thousand
145Liberia642.1 thousand
146Reunion578.4 thousand
147Fiji551 thousand
148Brunei516.5 thousand
149Chad491.7 thousand
150Lesotho489.5 thousand
151Bhutan475.3 thousand
152Montenegro472.7 thousand
153South Sudan470.4 thousand
154Niger467.9 thousand
155Gambia461 thousand
156Guyana460.4 thousand
157Malta421.3 thousand
158Luxembourg404.4 thousand
159Macau386.4 thousand
160Maldives372.4 thousand
161Suriname356.9 thousand
162Timor Leste354.6 thousand
163Eswatini335.9 thousand
164Western Sahara333.4 thousand
165Iceland308.6 thousand
166Cape Verde288.1 thousand
167Bahamas277.9 thousand
168Belize251.7 thousand
169Guinea Bissau241.2 thousand
170Guadeloupe240.5 thousand
171Barbados211.1 thousand
172Martinique209.2 thousand
173French Polynesia189.7 thousand
174Comoros187.4 thousand
175New Caledonia181.1 thousand
176Turkmenistan180.4 thousand
177Guam141.3 thousand
178French Guiana122.2 thousand
179Central African Republic117 thousand
180Samoa111.6 thousand
181Curacao108 thousand
182Saint Lucia107.5 thousand
183Equatorial Guinea101.1 thousand
184Djibouti94.1 thousand
185Vanuatu92.4 thousand
186Aruba91.5 thousand
187Mayotte79 thousand
188Grenada78.4 thousand
189Saint Vincent and the Grenadines73 thousand
190Antigua and Barbuda72.7 thousand
191Sao Tome and Principe69.5 thousand
192Seychelles67 thousand
193Tonga64.3 thousand
194Isle of Man63.8 thousand
195Cayman Islands60.8 thousand
196Andorra51.3 thousand
197Kiribati45.2 thousand
198Bermuda45 thousand
199Faroe Islands42.9 thousand
200Greenland41.6 thousand
201Saint Kitts and Nevis40.5 thousand
202Dominica40.1 thousand
203Micronesia37 thousand
204Turks and Caicos Islands35.7 thousand
205Northern Mariana Islands34.7 thousand
206Sint Maarten31.8 thousand
207United States Virgin Islands30.3 thousand
208American Samoa29.9 thousand
209Gibraltar26.6 thousand
210Marshall Islands20.4 thousand
211Palau14.9 thousand
212Saint Martin14.8 thousand
213Liechtenstein14.1 thousand
214Monaco13.1 thousand
215San Marino12.7 thousand
216Anguilla10.7 thousand
217Cook Islands10.6 thousand
218Eritrea10 thousand
219Nauru8.3 thousand
220Wallis and Futuna5.8 thousand
221Tuvalu5.7 thousand
222Saint Pierre and Miquelon4.5 thousand
223Saint Barthelemy3 thousand
224Falkland Islands2.8 thousand
225Montserrat2.5 thousand
226Niue1.2 thousand

Ranked: Countries with the Most Social Media Users, 2024

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Ranked: Countries with the Most Social Media Users, 2024
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