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Highest Paying Social Services Jobs, 2020 Rankings

There is an amazing sense of satisfaction in serving people and a higher sense of job gratification among social service professionals shows people connect service with satisfaction. Although, all services are there to help people, directly or indirectly, those who choose to serve directly find it more satisfactory and rewarding. We are all conditioned to seek pleasure in things we do and the foremost requirement is the work to earn for survival and growth. The intensity of pleasure in work varies from person to person and that depends on social conditioning and real-life situation. Some love to interact with people and spread the joy, be it like a social worker, counselor, beauty technician, or health care worker.

The CEOWORLD magazine conducted a survey to find which the best social service jobs are considering factors like median salary, unemployment rate, growth potential, job-related stress, and of course job satisfaction. Here are some of the most loved social service jobs in 2020.

  1. Lawyer (Average Annual Income: $120,900)
  2. Political Scientist (Average Annual Income: $117,500)
  3. Pilots (Average Annual Income: $115,000)
  4. School Psychologist (Average Annual Income: $76,990)
  5. Patrol Officer (Average Annual Income: $61,200)
  6. Clinical Social Worker (Average Annual Income: $56,200)
  7. School Counselor (Average Annual Income: $56,100)
  8. Paralegal (Average Annual Income: $50,900)
  9. Marriage and Family Therapist (Average Annual Income: $50,000)
  10. Firefighter (Average Annual Income: $49,600)
  11. Child and Family Social Worker (Average Annual Income: $46,200)
  12. Mental Health Counselor (Average Annual Income: $44,800)
  13. Substance Abuse & Behavioral Disorder Counselor (Average Annual Income: $44,260)
  14. Bus Driver (Average Annual Income: $42,300)
  15. Community Health Worker (Average Annual Income: $39,500)
  16. Garbage Collector (Average Annual Income: $37,200)
  17. Delivery Truck Driver (Average Annual Income: $32,100)
  18. Recreation and Fitness Worker (Average Annual Income: $29,400)
  19. Security Guard (Average Annual Income: $28,200)
  20. Residential Advisor (Average Annual Income: $27,200)
  21. Restaurant Cook (Average Annual Income: $26,500)
  22. Taxi Driver (Average Annual Income: $25,800)
  23. Hairdresser (Average Annual Income: $24,700)
  24. Nail Technician (Average Annual Income: $24,300)
  25. Maid and Housekeeper (Average Annual Income: $23,700)
  26. Bartender (Average Annual Income: $22,500)
  27. Waiter and Waitress (Average Annual Income: $21,300)

Lawyer: We live in an organized society ruled by a defined set of rules. There are reasons why law professionals are respected in law-abiding society like the US. People need legal assistance to live a peaceful life. So, lawyers rank fourth among the best social service job as people see them as a legal rescuer with the highest job satisfaction and healthy earning potential. One needs to have a law degree and enough experience to start a career as a legal professional. The beginning is tough, but once in the game, one can earn an average of $120,000 with amazing freedom and flexibility to have perfect work-life balance.

Pilots: Aviation pilot is one of the all-time great career opportunities with a perfect balance of thrill, growth, and of course the satisfaction of helping people reach the destination with safety. In US News best social jobs survey pilots rank third with an exceptionally high medial salary of $115,000. Compared to other career choices, the stress level is a bit higher but it offers the right work-life balance with the opportunity to explore the world. It is not just about flying; one can explore opportunities in several sectors linked to aviation, like training, logistics, and maintenance.

School Psychologist: The increasing burden of career-centric school is creating several mental health-related issues among children. School psychologist ranks second in the best social service job ranking with responsibilities of identifying, diagnosing, and treating students suffering from mental health challenges. Although the core responsibility revolves around helping students cope with anxiety and depression, as an expert one can treat cover the autism spectrum as well. There is a sudden surge in demand for such professionals. According to the labor bureau projection, this job is likely to grow at 14.7% during 2018-28 with an estimated 23,800 opening during the period. The median salary of $76,990 indicates that this job is a better career choice with a very high job satisfaction rating.

Marriage and Family Therapist: The highly competitive modern life with the aspiration of exponential growth is making it difficult for people to maintain a work-life balance. The surge in demand for marriage and family therapists is exposing the fragile family structure of the modern era. Thankfully, as a family therapist, your job is to resolve conflict and help people live a happy life. Reasons for conflict could be many, but the core is to help couples find a better way to manage anxiety, depression, and of course save the family.

With effective communication skills and the art of behavioral change, you can explore opportunities as a therapist. The labor bureau data shows that the job is likely to see 22.3% growth during 2018-28 with the opening of over 12,000 jobs across the US.  With a median salary of over $50,000 and string growth potential, this could be a good career choice for those willing to serve people directly. Apart from behavioral therapists, health, and beauty professionals like nail therapists, hairdressers, fitness trainers are some of the most loved social sector jobs. Since it is all about social and service one needs to have a very strong communication skill to rise and grow.

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor: The professionals helping people to get back to normal life after a phase of drug or alcohol abuse top the best social service job ranking of the US News. With a projection of 22.5% growth and a median salary of $44,260, this is one of the best opportunities for those looking for a career in social services. According to Labor Statistics between 2018 and 2028, there will be over 65,000 jobs opening with relatively less job stress with better work-life balance and future growth prospects. If you are a graduate with some behavioral counseling certification you can enter the field and serve people to live a better life.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Highest Paying Social Services Jobs, 2020 Rankings
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