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Highest-Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs, 2020

The job industry today has witnessed huge growth due to the various type of career options available. This has led to many candidates around the world choose a preferable career to earn an independent livelihood.

Among the various type of job options available, Sales and marketing top the list as the most demanded career of today. Gone are the days when both these professions were limited to just selling of products. Today with the advent of technology sales and marketing have become more data-driven and strategic.

  1. Chief Marketing Officer. (Median Salary: $342,000)
  2. Marketing Director. (Median Salary: $134,000)
  3. Ecommerce Marketing Director. (Median Salary: $131,000)
  4. Data scientist. (Median Salary: $127,000)
  5. Sales Manager. (Median Salary: $124,000)
  6. Product marketing manager. (Median Salary: $109,000)
  7. Database Marketing Manager. (Median Salary: $97,000)
  8. Medical device sales representative. (Median Salary: $85,000)
  9. Business analyst. (Median Salary: $78,000)
  10. Financial services sales agent. (Median Salary: $71,000)
  11. Market analyst. (Median Salary: $69,200)
  12. Brand manager. (Median Salary: $69,000)
  13. Data analyst. (Median Salary: $68,000)
  14. Digital strategist. (Median Salary: $64,000)
  15. Manufacturer’s representative. (Median Salary: $63,500)
  16. Global marketing manager. (Median Salary: $63,000)
  17. Account manager. (Median Salary: $62,000)
  18. Sales Representative. (Median Salary: $58,000)
  19. Content marketing manager. (Median Salary: $57,000)
  20. Software sales representative. (Median Salary: $56,500)
  21. Media planner. (Median Salary: $56,000)
  22. Public relations manager. (Median Salary: $54,000)
  23. Insurance Sales Agent. (Median Salary: $51,000)
  24. Social media manager. (Median Salary: $50,000)
  25. Real estate agent. (Median Salary: $49,000)
  26. Advertising sales agent. (Median Salary: $48,000)
  27. Digital community manager. (Median Salary: $46,000)
  28. Telemarketer. (Median Salary: $25,500)
  29. Retail Salesperson. (Median Salary: $25,000)

Marketing director: In the world where buying and selling dominate the general scenario, it is a marketing manager who thinks beyond the horizon. A marketing professional is the one who strategizes the price of a product in such a way that it helps in maximizing the profits of an organization. In addition to the marketing work, marketing managers also share the added responsibilities of team building, managing budgets, and keeping an eye on the results.

Telemarketer: Telemarketers are responsible for generating revenue for the company. They usually do so by calling the prospective clients and convincing them about the product they are selling. The overall responsibilities of a telemarketer are multidimensional. They act as a bridge between the company and customers, and the job role requires a lot of patience. As telemarketers are able multitaskers they even feed the company database with necessary client information for future reference. All these together make the job one of the best in the sales and marketing arena.

Insurance Sales Agent: Insurance agents are the people who specialize in selling auto, health, and life insurance. Commercial insurance agents, on the other hand, are people who provide a wide range of coverages for property, employee, and product liability. As the insurance sector is a highly regulated field all the agents working for it shall possess a license. Insurance agents spend much of their time in developing and tracking sales lead. In the coming years, this sector will see more growth which will lead to more job openings for insurance sales agents.

Retail Salesperson: The main job responsibility of a retail salesperson is that of selling goods directly to the consumers. These professionals assist people in buying goods of their choice by explaining the merits to them. The job role of a retail salesperson is very diversified as they sell products starting from cars to clothes. Retail workers receive on the job training by employers. Other areas of responsibility for a retail salesperson are updating the customer about store policies, procedures, and security.

Sales Manager: Sales managers are the ones who direct the companies product distribution to the customers. The job role of a sales manager is to guide the team by setting goals. These professionals associate with the marketing department to monitor and identify new customers’ trends. The additional responsibility of a sales manager also includes recruitment. All the organizations which are interested in boosting up their sales will require dynamic and able sales managers who can raise the bar high in this quotient.

Sales Representative: Unlike sales managers, sales representatives specialize in selling products and services to other organizations directly. These professionals assist the manufacturers and wholesalers to market any merchandise starting from a small needle to a laptop. Other than keeping a keen eye for marketing products ably, sales reps also take part in the various trade shows to determine changing customer needs. There is a chance of job growth for sales representatives in the coming years due to the arrival of new products in the market.

Real estate agent: The work of a real estate agent is not limited to selling or renting properties. Their real job role requires a deep understanding of the market policies so that they can accurately pitch the price. Although it is possible to sell or buy a home without any additional help, real estate agents make the job a lot easier. All these responsibilities together make this job role one of the best in the sales and marketing sector.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Highest-Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs, 2020
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