Sunday, January 19, 2020

Each year CEOWORLD magazine ranks the world based on a variety categories ranging from the richest people on the planet to the best business schools, top universities, companies, and executives. See our lists below.

Best CEOs In The World 2019: Most Influential Chief Executives.GlobalPeople
World’s Best Hotels For Business Travelers.GlobalCompanies
Richest People In The World.GlobalPeople
Best Countries To Invest In Or Do Business.GlobalCountries
Countries With The Best Quality of Life.GlobalCountries
Most Startup Friendly Countries.GlobalCountries
Global Passport Ranking.GlobalCountries
100 Most Successful Unicorns.GlobalCompanies
GDP Rankings Of The World’s Largest Economies.GlobalCountries
Most Expensive Countries In The World To Live In.GlobalCountries
Countries With The Highest Average Life Expectancies.GlobalCountries
The Top 100 Best-Performing Companies In The World.GlobalCompanies
The World’s Safest Cities Ranking.GlobalCities
Best Cities In The World For Shopping.GlobalCities
Best Law Schools In The World.GlobalEducation
Best Film Schools In The World.GlobalEducation
Best Music Schools In The World.GlobalEducation
Best Fashion Schools In The World.GlobalEducation
Best Business Schools In The World.GlobalEducation
Best Performing Arts Schools In The World.GlobalEducation
Best Hospitality And Hotel Management Schools In The World.GlobalEducation
Best Universities In The World.GlobalEducation
Russia’s Rich List: Richest People In Russia.RussiaPeople
100 Most Influential People In History.GlobalPeople
The World’s 50 Best Cities For Street Food-Obsessed Travellers.GlobalCities
Billionaire Owners And Their Private Jets.GlobalPeople
Best Countries For Entrepreneurship.GlobalCountries
Countries With The Best Health Care Systems.GlobalCountries
Countries With The Highest Inflation Rates In The World.GlobalCountries
Best Countries For Investment In Travel And Tourism Sector.GlobalCountries
Best Private Jets For CEOs And Business Leaders.GlobalThings
India Rich List Index: Richest Indian Billionaires.IndiaPeople
Best Leisure Destinations To Visit In 2020.GlobalCities
America Rich List: Richest Billionaires In The United States.USPeople
Top 30 Women-Friendly Travel Destinations In The World.GlobalCities
100 Best Cities For Business Travel In 2020.GlobalCities
These Are The Richest States In The U.S..USCities
The Richest American Families In Each U.S. State.USPeople
Richest Sports Team Owners In The United States.USPeople
Singapore Rich List: Richest Billionaires In Singapore.SingaporePeople
The 50 Best Road Trip Songs Of All Time.GlobalThings
Fashion: Trendiest Countries In The World.GlobalCountries
These Are The World’s Richest Royals.GlobalPeople
Cities With The Most (And Least) Expensive Apartments In The United States.USCities
Most Forested Countries In The World.GlobalCountries
Fashion: The World’s Most Fashionable Countries.GlobalCountries
Best Football Cities In The World.GlobalCities
Asia’s Wealthiest Business Dynasties: The 20 Richest Families In Asia.AsiaPeople
The Top 30 Largest Foreign Holders of U.S. Treasury Debt.USCountries
The World’s Largest Wine Exporting Countries By Value.GlobalCountries
World’s Top 10 Biggest Military Spenders In 100 Years (From 1914 to 2018).GlobalCountries
The World’s Best Cities For Food Lovers.GlobalCities
The Most Heavily Surveilled Cities In The World.GlobalCities
The World’s 100 Most Popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites On Instagram.GlobalCities
The World’s Best Countries For Business Expats.GlobalCountries
The Most Powerful People In The World.GlobalPeople
World’s Most Powerful Women.GlobalPeople
China Rich List: Richest Chinese Billionaires.ChinaPeople
Taiwan’s Rich List: Richest Taiwanese Billionaires.TaiwanPeople
Meet The Richest Families In The World.GlobalPeople
Top 100 Best Executive Search Firms And Consultants That Dominate The Recruiting Business.GlobalCompanies
Best Websites For CEOs, Senior Executives, And entrepreneurs.GlobalThings
Best Countries For Business In Europe For Non-European Investors.EuropeCountries
World’s Top 100 Cities To Reside In.GlobalCities
Top Rated Visitor Attractions In Every Country In The World.GlobalCities
The World’s Most Powerful Militaries.GlobalCountries
World’s Most (And Least) Expensive Cities For Taxis.GlobalCities
The 26 Most Popular Islands In The Caribbean, 2019.GlobalCities
The Biggest Tech Billionaires Winners And Losers Of 2019.GlobalPeople
These Are The Top 10 Richest Boxers In The World For 2019.GlobalPeople
Countries With The Most Millionaires In The World, 2019.GlobalCountries
Sports And Billionaires: The Richest NBA Club Owners In The U.S. In 2019.USPeople
The World’s Best Non-Native English Speaking Countries, 2019.GlobalCountries
Media Billionaires: Richest Media Moguls In The World, 2019.GlobalPeople
World’s Best Destinations For Business Travelers, 2020GlobalCities
Most Prosperous And Inclusive-Cities In The WorldGlobalCities
Most Charitable Billionaires In The United StatesUSPeople
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