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RANKED: Highest-Paying Science Jobs For Financially Rewarding Career, 2020

The credit to make the modern world great goes to millions of scientists working to make human life simpler and safer. If you have the element of curiosity and experimentation to solve unsolved challenges, then natural science is the best career option for you. Whichever filed you choose to build a career, be physical or life science, the core element to rise and shine, both academically and financially, will always be your passion for seeking answers.

Studying science is all about dynamism and you will see the reflection of this dynamism in the science job market as well. Going by the trend visible in recent years, one can safely dream to have a lucrative career even in untouched fields like space exploration and environmental science. Here are some of the most popular and financially rewarding science jobs, according to the CEOWORLD magazine, to guide your career on the path of science. Did you ace your chemistry and physics classes in high school? Do you dream of wearing a lab coat to work? If so, you might have a thing for science.

Best Science Jobs

Whatever makes your life simple, safer, and clearer is science. So, as a biochemist, environmentalist, physicist, psychologist, or anything else your job will require you to explore new frontiers and solve problems to make life easier and simpler. Here are the best science jobs to start your career:

  1. Psychologist (Median Salary: $110,000)
  2. Physicist (Median Salary: $108,000)
  3. Astronomer (Median Salary: $105,000)
  4. Chemical engineer (Median Salary: $104,000)
  5. Materials scientist (Median Salary: $102,000)
  6. Natural sciences manager (Median Salary: $100,000)
  7. Industrial Psychologist (Median Salary: $97,000)
  8. Meteorologist (Median Salary: $96,000)
  9. Biochemist and biophysicist (Median Salary: $93,000)
  10. Geophysicist (Median Salary: $91,000)
  11. Computational scientist (Median Salary: $90,000)
  12. Hydrologist (Median Salary: $83,000)
  13. Geographer (Median Salary: $80,000)
  14. Molecular and cellular biologist (Median Salary: $79,000)
  15. Geneticist (Median Salary: $78,000)
  16. Biologist (Median Salary: $77,000)
  17. Chemist (Median Salary: $76,000)
  18. Microbiologist (Median Salary: $71,000)
  19. Oceanographer (Median Salary: $69,500)
  20. Epidemiologist/Medical Scientist (Median Salary: $69,000)
  21. Archaeologist (Median Salary: $62,600)
  22. Anthropologist (Median Salary: $62,500)
  23. Forensic science technician (Median Salary: $61,000)
  24. Animal scientist (Median Salary: $58,300)
  25. Forensic Science Technician (Median Salary: $58,000)
  26. Survey Researcher/Data Scientist (Median Salary: $57,000)
  27. Medical lab technologist (Median Salary: $54,000)
  28. Environmental Science and Protection Technician (Median Salary: $46,000)

Psychologist: The complexity of modern life affects the mental health of people and this opened a vast field for professionals trained in psychology. As a psychologist, you will be studying behavioral patterns and suggest remedial therapies to patients suffering from mental health challenges. Psychologists are at the top of the US News Best Science Jobs list and 14 in overall STEM Jobs list with a median salary projection of over $110,000. Thanks to development are allied science; this field offers you an opportunity to explore other areas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for psychologists is projected to expand at the rate of 11.6% between 2018 and 2028.

Industrial Psychologist: Interestingly, the second most popular job in the best science job list is also from the field of psychology. In the contemporary world, the success of any business depends on consumer relations. The increasing complexity of work-space and the market is forcing industries to hire experts trained in psychology. As an industrial psychologist, your job involves applying fundamentals of psychology in building a perfect ecosystem for workforce and market fit. Since your job is to improve productivity with maximum satisfaction, companies happily offer a median salary of $97,000. With a job growth projection of 12.8% over the next 10 years, it is going to be a great career full of satisfaction.

Biochemist: This one is the fastest-growing field in recent years, especially following the popularity of stem cell research. The high band of the median salary of $93,000 with amazingly high job satisfaction highlights the demand-supply problem. As a biochemist, you have to apply your knowledge of chemistry in unraveling the complex chemical functioning of an organism. Just name any health hazard and you will find that biochemists are on the frontline to find answers to solve the problem. With an overall ranking of 4 in the best science jobs list, the biochemist job market is projected to grow at 6.3% over the 10 years.  You can explore opportunities in the roles of epidemiologists and medical scientists.

Survey Researcher/Data Scientist: We are living in an era of smart data-driven machine learning and artificial intelligence. The demand for collection, classification, and presentation of data has opened a vast opportunity for those interested in statistics and analytics. If you have an interest in numbers you can start your career as a survey researcher and earn an average of $57,000 yearly.  The field is vast and requires the skill of visualizing data points, digging data, and compiling them smartly to make it useable.

Environmental Science and Protection Technician: If you go by popularity, environmental science and protection technicians are currently at the top with the highest impact value. The satisfaction this career offers compensates the relatively low medial salary of $46,000. This is a multidisciplinary field involving geography, climatology, botany, zoology and of course science, so you have to spend years mastering the art. Job roles might vary from sampling, monitoring, to hazard mitigation, but at the core, you have to find answers related to the environment. The labor bureau predicts employment growth of over 9% between 2018 and 2018 with an estimated 3,200 job opening.

Apart from these top science jobs, some of the best performers are forensic scientists, archeologists, and geographers with good growth prospects and financial rewards. All you need is a scientific bent of mind and passion to find scientific answers to simplify life.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - RANKED: Highest-Paying Science Jobs For Financially Rewarding Career, 2020
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