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CEOWORLD magazine’s Guidelines for Contributors: With more than 12.4+ million page views, CEOWORLD magazine is the world’s leading business magazine written strictly for CEOs, COOs, CFOs, senior corporate executives, business leaders, private equity investors, investment bankers, and high-net-worth individuals worldwide.

CEOWORLD magazine covers a wide range of topics, including strategy, leadership, organizational change, diversity and inclusion, innovation, decision-making, marketing, career transitions, work-life balance, and managing teams.

CEOWORLD magazine readers are smart and skeptical and busy. If you don’t capture their interest right away, they will move on to something else. The idea is to create “actionable information and practical inspiration for CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, other high-level executives, board directors, top business leaders, and high-net-worth individuals.”

We try to arm our readers with ideas that help them become smarter, more creative, and more courageous in their work. To do that, we enlist the foremost influencers and experts to share their insights and counsel.

To contribute to the CEOWORLD magazine, pitch your story idea first: info@ceoworld.biz

It’s advisable to keep email pitches as pitchy as possible. Make them straightforward and simple.

We receive many more submissions than we can publish. Our editors typically take around 10 business days to review articles. If ten business days have passed without a word from our editorial team, you can safely assume they aren’t interested and publish your piece elsewhere.

If we’ve passed on something you’ve submitted, please feel free to try again with another idea. If our editors have said no multiple times, it may mean your work isn’t a good fit for our audience.

Writer’s Guidelines:

The main rule for your article to be published is simple: Write really, really helpful content. We don’t publish rubbish.

  1. 100% original content, never published anywhere else
  2. Headlines, illustrations, and other page elements are the prerogative of the CEOWORLD magazine editors.
  3. Minimum 1000 words, extra kudos for articles for 2000+ word articles (the longer the article, the more readers, in general, you will reach with your post)
  4. Make the article easy to read by using headings/subheadings, bullet points, and numbers lists when possible, and break up paragraphs that are longer than 5-6 lines in Microsoft Word.
  5. only Submitted as a MICROSOFT Word document.
  6. Up to 2 pictures are allowed (dimensions: 1000 x 500 pixels)
  7. Each article can have only one author (please include a short biography of no more than 100 words + a recent photograph).
    We reserve the right to refuse, edit, add, remove, or change anything as we see fit.
  8. Your article once published on our website, should not be reproduced anywhere else.

We don’t publish pieces that have appeared elsewhere, that don’t properly credit the ideas they present, that come across as promotional, or that do not include rigorous citations (though these may not appear in the finished piece). If the placement of links is your goal, then CEOWORLD Magazine is not a good fit for you, and it will save time for everyone if you look elsewhere.

Submission of article

You can send the final draft of your article for approval at info@ceoworld.biz

Thanks for considering working with us.

Chloe Robinson
Editor, CEOWORLD magazine

Alfred Reed
Editor, CEOWORLD magazine

(Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches. They make us feel sad inside.)

Last updated: OCT 19, 2022

Note: We are not averse to touching politically incorrect themes, but the final decision regarding the tone and tenor of the article rests with our editorial team. You may push boundaries, but we will stick to some limits as set by the laws and our own editorial policies. Internet is a free space and you will get lot many platforms to voice your opinion.