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Highest Paying Business Jobs, 2020 Rankings

Pursuing a business degree opens up new avenues for your career. Choosing the right career is not a straightforward task. You must consider multiple factors before deciding upon your ideal job profile. Your ideal job should align with your interests and preferences. High-paying jobs often come with higher stress levels and long working hours. Professionals in a less stressful job often make less money but lead healthier lives. This is our list of the best business jobs:

  1. Financial Advisor (Average Annual Income: $263,801)
  2. Finance Manager (Average Annual Income: $123,491)
  3. Statistician (Average Annual Income: $121,814)
  4. Medical and Health Services Manager (Average Annual Income: $116,800)
  5. Financial Analyst (Average Annual Income: $116,200)
  6. Operations Research Analyst (Average Annual Income: $115,837)
  7. Market Research Analyst (Average Annual Income: $102,806)
  8. Mathematician (Average Annual Income: $101,900)
  9. Accountant (Average Annual Income: $94,123)
  10. Business Operations Manager (Average Annual Income: $90,812)
  11. Management Analyst (Average Annual Income: $83,800)
  12. Logistician (Average Annual Income: $74,200)
  13. Actuary (Average Annual Income: $70,751)
  14. Compliance Officer (Average Annual Income: $68,800)
  15. Social and Community Service Manager (Average Annual Income: $65,200)
  16. Cost Estimator (Average Annual Income: $64,500)
  17. Loan Officer (Average Annual Income: $63,200)
  18. HR Specialist (Average Annual Income: $66,800)
  19. Executive Assistant (Average Annual Income: $59,400)
  20. Fundraiser (Average Annual Income: $56,900)
  21. Meeting, Convention and Event Planner (Average Annual Income: $49,300)
  22. Credit Counselor (Average Annual Income: $45,100)
  23. Bookkeeping Accounting and Audit Clerk (Average Annual Income: $40,300)
  24. Bill Collector(Average Annual Income: $36,700)
  25. Administrative Assistant (Average Annual Income: $36,200)
  26. Customer Service Representative (Average Annual Income: $33,100)
  27. Office Clerk (Average Annual Income: $32,700)
  28. Receptionist (Average Annual Income: $29,400)
  29. Cashier (Average Annual Income: $22,900)

Financial Advisor: A financial advisor may work in-house for an organization or independently serve individuals. Financial Advisors guide their clients through their investment journey.  They help with investments, insurance decisions, and tax laws. They help their clients with strategies and plans. They help achieve the long-term and short-term financial goals of their clients.

Finance Manager: Finance Managers take care of the financial health of an organization. They make plans to help the organization reach its financial goals. They review financial reports, monitor accounts, and make financial forecasts. They always look for ways to improve profitability. They play a key role in the financial decisions of the organization like business expansion, mergers, and acquisitions.

Statistician: They spot trends within data sets. They then create a Statistical Analysis Plan to find useful information. Statisticians apply their knowledge of numbers to solve real-world problems. They need to decide what data is needed and finalize on a method to solve the problem.

Medical and Health Services Manager: They are also known as healthcare executives or healthcare administrators. They may take responsibility for a medical department, a clinical area, or an entire facility. Their primary job is to ensure the smooth functioning of the department they manage. This includes maintaining the efficiency of healthcare services, setting goals, recruitment, training, and supervision of staff members, and managing the finances.

Operations Research Analyst: They analyze information to diagnose inefficiencies and come up with solutions to solve them. They do that by using advanced techniques like big data mining, mathematical modeling, and statistical analysis. They ensure the organization runs more efficiently while being more cost-effective.

Market Research Analyst: Market research analysts monitor existing marketing strategies and forecast marketing and sales numbers. They analyze data on consumers and the competition. They extensively study the market to understand the potential sales of a company’s products or services. They also help a company set the ideal price for their product or service. The pricing of a product plays a huge role in the profitability of a product or service.

Accountant: They go deep into the financial records of their clients. They analyze accounting records, budgets, financial data, finance reports, and tax returns. Based on information about the financial performance and cash flows of a business, they recommend how the board members should run the business, and whether they should invest in it or lend money to it. This is how accountants make sure an organization is functioning efficiently.

Business Operations Manager:  Depending on an organization’s structure, a business operations manager may be in charge of one or several departments. They oversee the efficiency, planning, productivity, performance improvement, and quality control of the teams they are answerable for. They devise strategies to help an organization maximize its profits.

Actuary: Actuaries have comprehensive knowledge of business, finance, and statistics. They assess the possibility of potential risks and uncertainties and help minimize the costs for the same. Actuaries play a crucial role in the insurance industry.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Highest Paying Business Jobs, 2020 Rankings
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