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Networking and Building a Legal Career in Florida, According to The Property Advocates

Becoming a lawyer is no easy task. As The Property Advocates explain, those who want to become a lawyer in Florida need to obtain a bachelor's degree and a Juris Doctor degree and pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam and the Florida General Bar exam. Beyond the logistical steps you...
Maria N. Papacosta
CEO Advisory

Great minds don’t think alike

Great minds don’t think alike. There is a famous quote attributed to World War II Gen. George S. Patton saying “If everyone thinks the same, then someone is not thinking”. I would add “they are merely following”. Varied thinking is the key to progress, innovation, and growth. True diversity transcends...
Barbie Brewer, Chief People Officer at Safe Security
CEO Advisory

You Need to Do Remote Right

Work has changed. The traditional 9-to-5 office job is fading as remote work becomes more popular. But remote work comes with its own set of challenges. To make it work, you need to do remote right. I recently spoke with Barbie Brewer, Chief People Officer at Safe Security, about how...
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