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The Erosion of China’s Foothold in South and Southeast Asia

In the past, the idea of China losing its influence in South and Southeast Asia seemed highly unlikely, especially to the Chinese policymakers and the academia. Yet, in the past few years, this is exactly the situation unfolding before our eyes.  In the initial stages of the Belt and Road...
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What’s Now in Leadership?

I was asked a great question recently about leadership and what today’s leaders need to know. I suspect it was asked with the intent of what’s next versus what’s now. While I may not be among the leadership scholars who can predict the future, I can share what I see...
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Do Corporate Value Statements Make Any Difference At All?

Organizations benefit more from embodying their values, than articulating them flawlessly. Would you agree, regardless of the organization, corporate value statements are virtually the same across the board? Indeed, integrity, honesty, trust and “commitment to customers” are all standard fare when it comes to value statements.  Many organizations even add...
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