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Meet the team behind The CEOWORLD magazine, the leading business publication written strictly for CEOs, CFOs, senior management executives, business leaders, and high net worth individuals worldwide.

Arguably the most famous business magazine and very busy news site, CEOWORLD is read by all manor of professionals for updated stories, strategies, and trends, especially pertaining to economics and business.

Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
CEO and Editorial Director

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Amarendra is widely recognized as an extensively kudized author, noted journalist, syndicated columnist, and ostensible entrepreneur. He is responsible for all aspects of the magazine’s growth strategy, which includes a rapidly expanding website, editorial planning, business development, strategy, and building the company’s culture.

Elizabeth Harper, Executive Assistant to CEO & Editor-in-Chief


Caroline Mittermair, Associate Managing Editor
Bettina Padurano, Editor-at-Large
Amanda Webb, Global Markets Editor
Mike Martinez, New York Editor
Elizabeth Haggar, Associate Editor
Alfred Reed, Editorial Projects Manager
Chloe Robinson, Senior Editorial Associate
Jamie Wells, Senior Editorial Associate
Emily Wells, Editorial Associate

Milena Golda, Editor-in-Chief, CEOWORLD magazine Poland
Izabela Majos, Country Manager Poland

Anita Cheung, Managing Editor, CEOWORLD magazine China
Angelica Wong, Editorial Associate, CEOWORLD magazine China

Alfred S. Reed, Social Media Manager
Norman Pleszczynski, Social Media Associate


Jacqueline Sohn, LONDON
Donald Solis, LONDON
Corey M. Heidt, LONDON
Chris Wauters, LONDON
John Balkenende, MILAN
Leonie Bloom, NEW YORK
Edouard Williams, NEW YORK
Daveed Cochran, NEW YORK
Sam Gibb, NEW YORK
Bret Evans, PARIS
Kathy Gabriel, PARIS
Robbie Stephens, PARIS
Sundeep Sinha, NEW DELHI
Renuka Arora, NEW DELHI
Siddharth Kumar, NEW DELHI   
Jason McCallum, SINGAPORE
Drew Schofield, SINGAPORE
Courtney Sanders, SINGAPORE
Lindsey Green, TORONTO
Grant Clifford, TORONTO
Patti Reece, TORONTO


Frank Levine
Donn Howard
Roger Connors


Dibyajoti Biswas, Operations & Business Development Director
George Watts, Chief Commercial Officer
Leanne Bennison, Events Director
Christopher Williams, Director of Creative Partnerships
David Connelly, Senior Business Development Manager
Mark Everhart, Senior Business Development Manager
Deborah Avignone, Business Development Manager
Carl Haynes, Business Development Manager
Corbin Cowan, Customer Success Manager
Oscar Zan, Creative Partnerships Associate
Fernando Liu, Video Manager
Daniel Smith, Growth Marketing Manager


Faya Montazer, Chief Operating Officer
Anne Khachiyants, Senior Finance Manager
Melissa Matthew, Senior Manager, CEOWORLD magazine Education
Sim Sim Chen, Country Manager, CEOWORLD magazine China


Kristin Hatch, Chief Technology Officer
David Williams, Head of Product
Paul Corrigan, Product Manager
Michael Lydall, Product Manager
John Summers, Senior Software Engineer
Gary Gardner, Product Designer, UX & UI
Nikki Lowe, Junior Designer
Ruth Sopinska, Customer Experience Associate

CEOWORLD magazine - Editorial Staff