Citizenship by Investment: CBI is a widely used short form or acronym for Citizenship By Investment. CBI schemes legally allow foreign investors to obtain a new fast-track nationality with a passport purely on investment alone. Many countries run their own versions of these programs, granting investors instant nationality in exchange for significant contributions to society, culture, or the economy. Generally, you can apply for direct CBI schemes, which grant citizenship within a couple of months, or you can apply for residency by investment, upon which a passport is provided after a set number of years.

Benefits of Economic Citizenship

  • Mobility and visa-free travel freedom (visa waiver)
  • A Plan B option for Asset protection offshore
  • Safety, privacy, and protection from war, political problems
  • Dual citizen status
  • A world-class education for children at the best universities abroad.
  • Opportunity to invest in international real estate markets.
  • Tax-free planning on worldwide income
  • Ease of doing business

A second passport provides greater mobility along with visa-free travel freedom.

Best Citizenship by Investment (CBI) for 2022

1Antigua and BarbudaUSD 100,0003-4 monthsAntigua and Barbuda Office
2Saint Kitts & NevisUSD 150,0003-6 monthsSt. Kitts & Nevis Office
3VanuatuUSD 130,0004-6 monthsVanuatu Citizenship Office
4DominicaUSD 100,0004-6 monthsDominica Office
5Saint LuciaUSD 100,0004-6 monthsSaint Lucia Office
6GrenadaUSD 150,0004-6 monthsGrenada Office
7MaltaUSD 750,00016 monthsMalta Office
8TurkeyUSD 250,000120 days from submissionTurkey Office
9MontenegroEUR 450,0008-12 monthsMontenegro Office
10North Macedonia€ 200,0008-12 monthsNorth Macedonia Office

Best Residence by Investment Programs for 2022

AustraliaAUD 5,000,00060 monthsRight to live for an unlimited period of time
BahamasUSD 500,0004-6 monthsNo taxes on income, inheritance, gifts, or capital gains
Cayman IslandsUSD 2.4 million4-6 monthsNo income, property, estate, or corporate taxes
CuracaoUSD 280,0003-6 monthsFavorable tax program
IrelandEUR 1,000,00012 monthsPathway to EU citizenship
ItalyEUR 250,0003-4 monthsThe right to live, work, and study in Italy; favorable tax status
SingaporeSGD 2.5 million9-12 monthsHigh quality of life destination; favorable tax status
United StatesUSD 800,00018-24 monthsOpportunity to live, work, and study anywhere in US and benefit from lower tuitions
UruguayUSD 370,0006 monthsTax-free resident for 11 years (tax-holiday program)
GreeceEUR 250,0001 to 2 monthsPathway to EU citizenship
Austria$50,0001 to 3 months
Canada (Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP))$950,00048–56 months
Latvia$60,0001 to 2 months
Malaysia$68,0006 months
Malta$200,0004 to 6 months
Mauritius$375,0002 to 6 months
New Zealand$2,000,0005 to 6 months
Panama$100,0005 to 6 months
Portugal$230,0006 months
South Korea$300,0002 months
Spain$580,0002 months