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The investment migration industry is undergoing rapid changes to keep up with a constantly shifting and unpredictable environment, as more affluent individuals hunt for a second nationality. Offering protection and a better quality of life, investor migration is increasingly attractive, and the positive implications for those with dual citizenship in the long run are immense.

Following an exhaustive review and changes to the methodology for the Global Citizen Report, an annual Citizenship By Investment Index now applies its well-known nine-pillar index structure to present high-net-worth individuals with a data-based approach to measuring the effectiveness and allure of international CBI schemes.

The more stringent rules and greater diligence within the sector demonstrate the industry’s strength in the face of alteration and disruption, signifying a major milestone. This reflects the commitment of serious CBI stakeholders who have employed new ideas to enhance the control and regulation of their schemes to protect their name and sustainability, thus setting an example for how the field could secure its fiscal and operational systems in the future.

What’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI)?

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is an attractive alternative to traditional citizenship for those looking to relocate. It offers the opportunity to move to desirable locations, allows for greater global movement, and increases security during political or economic unrest.

Investment in “Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)” is being utilized by developing economies to increase social and economic growth for the population’s good. CBI is an advantageous situation for both the investors and the countries providing CBI. It isn’t astonishing that the benefits of CBI make it a favorite option for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs).

Citizenship By Investment Index

A rating system to evaluate the effectiveness and attractiveness of Citizenship by Investment (CBI) initiatives based on various factors has been developed and is known as the Citizenship By Investment Index. These CBI plans allow people and their families to gain citizenship in return for making a large financial investment into the nation hosting them.

Although the CBI sector is dispersed, with each country having its own particular programs and policies with varied advantages, requirements, and guidelines, it can be difficult for financiers to assess the rewards of each program, either regarding the features that are most important to them. The CBI Index aims to benefit the CBI sector by offering a data-based and pragmatic solution for evaluating programs and aiding those considering joining them in deciding.

The CBI Index evaluates the performance of the 12 nations that are currently offering operational CBI programs: Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Cambodia, Dominica, Egypt, Grenada, Jordan, Malta, St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Türkiye, and Vanuatu. North Macedonia has yet to have its program operational, making Egypt the most recent participant, joining in 2020. Montenegro will no longer be part of the index when their program ends in 2022.

Citizenship By Investment Index, 2023

RankCountryTotal Points (900)
1St Kitts and Nevis770
4Saint Lucia720
5Antigua and Barbuda660

Methodology: The primary focus of the Citizenship By Investment Index is to identify the key elements — or ‘major metrics’ – that accurately assess the features of each program and the attractiveness of the jurisdiction. The major metrics were chosen for their relevance and the thoroughness of the assessment, which gives readers the ability to look at the schemes or to evaluate individual aspects.

A careful blend of benchmarking, data analysis, and comparison is essential to determine an appropriate score for the 9 major metrics. Every one of the 9 major metrics can be rated up to a maximum of 10 points, which is calculated by combining the scores of different indicators and sub-indicators.

The maximum achievable score for a program is 900 points, and each final score is calculated as a percentage of the total points. For example, a 900-point score would translate to 100 percent. Due to the many metrics, indicators, and sub-indicators used to assess CBI programs, there’s no universal rating system.

The Nine Major Metrics that constitute the Citizenship By Investment Index, 2023:

1. Standard of Living
2. Freedom of Movement
3. Minimum Investment Outlay
4. Mandatory Travel or Residence
5. Citizenship Timeline
6. Ease of Processing
7. Due Diligence
8. Family
9. Certainty of Product

Standard of LivingScoreMinimum InvestmentScoreFreedom of MovementScore
Antigua and Barbuda70Antigua and Barbuda100Antigua and Barbuda70
St Kitts and Nevis60St Kitts and Nevis90St Kitts and Nevis70
Saint Lucia60Saint Lucia100Saint Lucia70
Mandatory Travel/ ResidenceScoreCitizenship TimelineScoreEase of ProcessingScore
Antigua and Barbuda60Antigua and Barbuda60Antigua and Barbuda80
St Kitts and Nevis100St Kitts and Nevis80St Kitts and Nevis100
Saint Lucia100Saint Lucia90Saint Lucia80
Due DiligenceScoreFamilyScoreCertainty of ProductScore
Antigua and Barbuda60Antigua and Barbuda100Antigua and Barbuda60
St Kitts and Nevis100St Kitts and Nevis70St Kitts and Nevis100
Saint Lucia70Saint Lucia90Saint Lucia60


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