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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Ranked: Countries with the Highest and Lowest Depression Rates, 2024

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Ranked: Countries with the Highest and Lowest Depression Rates, 2024


Depression is a critical global issue in today’s world, adversely affecting a person’s actions, emotions, and thoughts. According to the Global Health Data Exchange, around 251 to 310 million people worldwide suffer from this mental health condition, which is also known as major depressive disorder. CEOWORLD magazine recognizes the severity of depression as a global mental health problem and aims to raise awareness about it. The magazine’s researchers have gathered essential information to educate readers about countries where depression is prevalent, its symptoms, risk factors, and treatment options.

What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression is an affective or mood disorder. It is dissimilar from feeling sad once in a while. A depressed patient struggles with this chronic mental health condition by encountering persistent feelings of gloom. Moreover, his normal functions, like his energy and concentration levels, sleeping habits, and appetite, are impacted by depression being a severe sickness. The following situations, which can be extreme or mild, indicate that a person is depressed:

1) Losing interest in doing the activities that a person once relished;
2)  Losing or gaining weight and appetite modifications;
3) Non-stop feeling of unhappiness;
4) Oversleeping or insomnia;
5) Heightened exhaustion or energy loss;
6) Diminished self-esteem and confidence;
7) Finding it hard to concentrate or think;
8) Decelerated speech and movements;
9) Acting or thinking of harming oneself or taking one’s own life;
10) Feelings of worthlessness and guilt;
11) Doing more purposeless physical activities and tasks; and
12) Feeling cynical.

Depression symptoms must last at least 14 days or two weeks for it to be diagnosed by a physician. Some medical conditions have to be ruled out, like vitamin deficiencies and thyroid ailments, which can exhibit depression indicators.

Who is at risk of major depressive disorder?

Several key factors impact people’s mental wellness. CEOWORLD magazine’s researchers discovered that the following elements can make someone vulnerable to depression:

Competitive society: A nation with a competitive culture can negatively affect a population. For instance, Japanese youth ages 10 to 19 years old are generally pressured to excel in school. Their culture also exposes them to the need to conform to group customs.

Poor living conditions: People who live in locations where there is a high incidence of poverty and crime are likely to become depressed.

Genetics: Depression can be inherited by children whose parents were diagnosed with this mental health disorder. These people may have been exposed to negative incidents, such as neglect and abuse, leading to their mental health breakdown.

Personality: People have different natures, and those who struggle with low self-esteem and are generally downbeat in outlook are likely to grapple with bouts of depression.

Biochemistry: As a complex mental health problem, depression is suggested to be due to an imbalance of neurotransmitters. These brain chemicals include norepinephrine (which responds to stress and regulates internal functions), dopamine (which is released by the brain when a person eats the food he craves or engages in sex, contributing to feelings of satisfaction and pleasure), and serotonin (which aids in stabilizing mood and feelings of happiness and well-being).

These five factors can influence a person to become depressed. However, people with major depressive disorder do not have to feel ashamed of or hide their condition because they can get the help they need with the availability of many treatment services for depression.

 Which countries have the highest depression rates?

In any particular year, depression impacts 1 in 15 adults, and 1 in 6 individuals will experience this serious mental wellness concern at some point in their lives. An approximated 3.4 percent of the world’s population, or 2 to 6 percent when including the error margin, has bouts with major depressive disorder. This percentage is estimated to be 264 million individuals globally.

Ukraine has 6.3 percent of its people grappling with major depressive disorder, making it the country with the highest depression rate. With this figure, it can be deduced that it is the country with the world’s worst mental health state. Trailing behind Ukraine is the United States, with a 5.9 percent depression rate. CEOWORLD magazine’s researchers found that the US states with the highest depression incidences were Maine, Oregon, and West Virginia. About 17.3 million adults in the United States had depression. Roughly 65 percent received medical treatment. Furthermore, approximately 50 percent of depressed American adults were also diagnosed with anxiety.

With the United States and Australia in the second and third spots on the top 10 list, these numbers demonstrate that depression is much more likely to be detected in people from highly industrialized territories. These countries may have more advanced healthcare systems and are highly equipped to identify and cure mental disorders. However, developed countries’ citizens have high-risk factors for complex mental health problems.

Which countries have the lowest depression incidences?

Although major depressive disorder affects many countries across the globe, there are some regions where the situation is quite the opposite. If you’re looking for places with low depression rates, you’ll find that they are mostly in Oceania’s Pacific islands. The Solomon Islands tops the list of countries with the lowest incidence of major depressive disorder, with only 2.9 percent of its population suffering from serious mental health concerns. However, it’s important to note that depression is still prevalent in these countries and other less-developed nations. The reason for the low focus on depression treatment is simply that their governments prioritize other national concerns such as sanitation, hunger, and other diseases.

Countries with the Highest and Lowest Depression Rates, 2024

RankCountryRegionPopulationGDP (USD million)Depression Rate
1UkraineEastern Europe41,130,432173,4133.30%
2United StatesNorth America335,893,23826,949,6433.20%
4EstoniaNorthern Europe1,365,88441,7994.90%
5BrazilSouth America203,062,5122,126,8095.10%
6GreeceSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)10,413,982242,3854.80%
7PortugalSouthern Europe10,467,366276,4324%
8BelarusEastern Europe9,200,61768,8645.40%
9FinlandNorthern Europe5,572,545305,6894.80%
10LithuaniaNorthern Europe2,869,66079,4274.40%
11RussiaEastern Europe146,424,7291,862,4704%
13New ZealandAustralasia5,223,100249,4154.20%
14MoldovaSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)2,512,75816,0004.20%
16GermanyCentral Europe84,607,0164,429,8384.80%
17SpainSouthern Europe48,345,2231,582,0543.80%
18Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCentral Europe10,882,2355.2%
19ParaguaySouth America6,109,64444,1424.10%
20BulgariaSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)6,447,710103,0995.10%
21Trinidad and TobagoCaribbean1,365,80527,8873.50%
23ItalySouthern Europe58,919,3452,186,0824.60%
24PolandCentral Europe37,667,000842,1724.10%
25HungaryCentral Europe9,597,085203,8294.70%
26United Arab EmiratesWest Asia9,282,410509,1793.30%
27AustriaCentral Europe9,154,514526,1825.60%
28SlovakiaCentral Europe5,426,468133,0443.90%
29CroatiaCroatiaSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)3,855,64180,185
30Bosnia and HerzegovinaSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)3,277,08226,9455.20%
31QatarWest Asia2,656,032235,5004%
32SloveniaSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)2,120,93768,3943.90%
33CyprusCyprusWest Asia918,10032,032
34DjiboutiDjiboutiEastern Africa1,001,4543,873
35MaltaSouthern Europe519,56220,3114.40%
36Antigua and BarbudaCaribbean100,7721,9495.80%
37ChileSouth America19,960,889344,4005.10%
38RomaniaSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)19,051,562350,4144%
39SwitzerlandWestern Europe8,931,306905,6843.70%
40SerbiaSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)6,641,19775,0153.90%
41DenmarkDenmarkNorthern Europe5,959,4645%
42KuwaitWest Asia4,670,713159,6874.50%
43GeorgiaEastern Europe3,736,40030,0234.80%
44UruguaySouth America3,444,26376,2443.20%
45ArmeniaWest Asia2,981,20024,5405.70%
46LuxembourgWestern Europe660,80989,0954.40%
47IranWest Asia84,038,000366,4384.70%
48TunisiaNorthern Africa11,850,23251,2713.50%
49SwedenNorthern Europe10,558,012597,1103.70%
50LatviaNorthern Europe1,874,70046,6684.40%
51Cape VerdeWestern Africa491,2332,5985.10%
52Saint LuciaCaribbean178,6962,4694%
53Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesCaribbean110,8721,0394%
54FranceWestern Europe68,373,0003,049,0164.80%
55PeruSouth America33,396,698264,6364.10%
56BelgiumWestern Europe11,801,722627,5115.20%
57IrelandWestern Europe5,281,600589,5694.60%
58AlbaniaSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)2,761,78523,0325.90%
59JamaicaEastern Asia2,825,54418,7614.60%
60LesothoSouthern Africa2,306,0002,3734.40%
61BahrainWest Asia1,577,05944,9945.50%
62SurinameSouth America616,5003,5393.70%
63MontenegroSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)616,6957,0584.20%
64EthiopiaEastern Africa107,334,000155,8044.90%
65ColombiaSouth America52,215,503363,8355.10%
66ArgentinaSouth America46,654,581621,8335.70%
67CanadaNorth America40,528,3962,117,8055.10%
68NetherlandsWestern Europe17,590,0001,092,7484.20%
69Dominican RepublicCaribbean10,760,028120,6295%
70NorwayNorthern Europe5,533,582546,7684.10%
71Costa RicaCosta RicaCentral America5,262,2254.7%
72LebanonWest Asia5,490,00037,9454.40%
73OmanWest Asia5,113,071108,2824.10%
74BotswanaSouthern Africa2,410,33820,7565.20%
76South AfricaSouthern Africa62,027,503380,9063.80%
77UgandaEastern Africa45,562,00052,3903.40%
78EcuadorSouth America16,938,986118,6865%
79AzerbaijanWest Asia10,151,51777,3925.60%
80IsraelWest Asia9,827,000521,6884.60%
81SingaporeSoutheastern Asia5,917,600497,3473.90%
82IndiaSouthern Asia1,392,329,0003,732,2244.70%
83United KingdomWestern Europe67,026,2923,332,0593.20%
84AlgeriaNorthern Africa45,400,000224,1075.90%
85MoroccoNorthern Africa37,022,000147,3434.20%
86Saudi ArabiaWest Asia32,175,2241,069,4373.90%
87LibyaNorthern Africa6,931,06140,1944.40%
88GuyanaSouth America743,69916,3294.70%
89TurkeyWest Asia85,279,5531,154,6003.50%
90ThailandSoutheastern Asia68,263,022512,1933.60%
91KenyaEastern Africa51,526,000112,7494.50%
92MadagascarEastern Africa26,923,35315,7634.40%
93KazakhstanCentral Asia20,000,000259,2924.50%
94BoliviaSouth America12,006,03146,7965.20%
95South SudanEastern Africa13,249,9246,2673.80%
96El SalvadorCentral America6,884,88835,3394.90%
97PanamaCentral America4,337,40682,3484.10%
98NamibiaSouthern Africa2,641,85712,6474.20%
99MauritiusEastern Africa1,261,04114,8194.30%
100ComorosEastern Africa758,3161,3645.10%
101BelizeCentral America441,4713,2185.20%
103EritreaEastern Africa3,748,9022,2554.90%
104GabonCentral Africa2,233,27219,3194.80%
105ChinaEastern Asia1,409,670,00017,700,8995.10%
106PakistanSouthern Asia241,499,431340,6364.10%
107MexicoNorth America129,406,7361,811,4684.30%
108JapanWest Asia124,240,0004,230,8624.60%
109UzbekistanCentral Asia36,599,76490,3923.20%
110GhanaWestern Africa30,832,01976,6284.80%
111VenezuelaSouth America28,302,00092,2103.10%
112BurundiEastern Africa12,837,7403,1905.10%
113NicaraguaCentral America6,733,76317,3534.20%
114TurkmenistanCentral Asia7,057,84181,8223.40%
115Central African RepublicCentral Africa5,633,4122,7605.10%
116MongoliaEastern Asia3,457,54818,7824.20%
117Equatorial GuineaCentral Africa1,558,16010,0414.90%
118EswatiniSouthern Africa1,223,3624,6484.90%
119BhutanSouthern Asia770,2762,6865.20%
120BangladeshSouthern Asia169,828,911446,3495.40%
121TanzaniaEastern Africa61,741,12084,0333.60%
122South KoreaEastern Asia51,439,0381,709,2323.80%
123MozambiqueEastern Africa32,419,74721,9364.20%
124Sri LankaSouthern Asia22,037,00088,3093.70%
125MalawiEastern Africa21,507,72313,1764.40%
126KyrgyzstanCentral Asia7,100,00012,6814.50%
127MauritaniaWestern Africa4,475,68310,3574.30%
128IcelandNorthern Europe396,96030,5704.70%
129VietnamSoutheastern Asia100,300,000433,3563.10%
130ZambiaEastern Africa19,610,76929,5363%
131SomaliaEastern Africa18,143,37911,5153.80%
132ZimbabweEastern Africa15,178,97932,4242.90%
133JordanWest Asia11,302,00050,0224.50%
134HondurasCentral America9,745,14933,9924.70%
135Guinea-BissauWestern Africa1,781,3081,9914.70%
136SeychellesEastern Africa100,4472,0853.90%
137NigeriaWestern Africa216,783,400390,0024.20%
138CameroonCentral Africa28,088,84549,2625.10%
139SyriaWest Asia22,923,00011,8003.70%
140SenegalWestern Africa18,275,74331,1413.90%
141GuineaWestern Africa13,261,63823,2054.70%
142BeninWestern Africa12,606,99819,9405.20%
143TogoWestern Africa8,095,4989,1113.60%
144Sierra LeoneWestern Africa8,494,2603,5193.90%
145GambiaWestern Africa2,417,4712,3884.80%
146São Tomé and PríncipeCentral Africa214,6106743.90%
147DR CongoCentral Africa95,370,00067,5125%
148MalaysiaSoutheastern Asia33,379,500430,8954.40%
149Ivory CoastCaribbean29,389,15079,4304.60%
150RwandaEastern Africa13,246,39413,9274%
151TajikistanCentral Asia10,077,60011,8163.60%
152IndonesiaSoutheastern Asia279,118,8661,417,3874.70%
153MyanmarSoutheastern Asia55,770,23274,8614.20%
154IraqWest Asia43,324,000297,6954.70%
155North KoreaEastern Asia25,660,00048,3504.20%
156GuatemalaCentral America17,602,431102,7654.70%
157MaldivesSouthern Asia382,7516,9774.40%
158SudanNorthern Africa41,984,50025,5693.70%
159AngolaCentral Africa33,086,27893,7965.90%
160YemenWest Asia31,888,69821,0453%
161MaliWestern Africa22,395,48921,3094.40%
162Burkina FasoWestern Africa22,185,65420,7855.10%
163EgyptNorthern Africa104,462,545398,3974.90%
164ChadCentral Africa17,414,71712,5965.10%
165LiberiaWestern Africa5,248,6214,3474.40%
167NigerWestern Africa25,369,41517,0734.20%
168CambodiaSoutheastern Asia17,091,46430,9435.10%
169PhilippinesSoutheastern Asia112,892,781435,6754.10%
170AfghanistanSouthern Asia 34,262,84014,9396.30%
171NepalSouthern Asia29,164,57841,3394.20%
172LaosSoutheastern Asia7,443,00014,2444.50%
177Papua New GuineaMelanesia11,781,55931,6924.10%
178Solomon IslandsMelanesia734,8871,6903.90%

What is the future for patients with major depressive disorder?

Depression incidences are surging worldwide. The WHO approximated that 76 to 85 percent of the world’s population struggle with mental disorders. These people are from middle and low-income countries with a dearth of access to depression treatment options.   Furthermore, many mental illness cases are unreported or undiagnosed in developed countries where patients feel ashamed of their sickness. They are also typically uninformed about their curable mental health condition.

Nevertheless, CEOWORLD magazine’s researchers view that the future for depressed patients is optimistic. After all, in many countries including the United States, people are now more willing to discuss mental health problems. Additionally, the dishonor associated with having depression is gradually declining today. Depressed patients are increasingly seeking and obtaining medical help for their sickness instead of leaving themselves undiagnosed and suffering. All of these developments have made people confident in seeking assistance for their condition.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Ranked: Countries with the Highest and Lowest Depression Rates, 2024
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