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Ranked: Top 10 Highest Paying Technology Jobs, 2020

We all often hear that technology has changed our lives. But how? While many of us might not realize this but every human being today has incorporated technology in their lives. From smartphones to health services, from education to automation, everything that we see, or do today relies hugely on technical superiority.

With the world around us rapidly evolving due to the development of high-tech devices, there is an increasing need for manpower to carry the legacy of technology jobs. CEOWORLD Magazine has conducted extensive research about high-paying jobs that make our obsession with tech possible. These jobs have changed the lives of millions across the world and therefore have made it to the below list.

  1. Information Security Analysts. (Median Salary: $142,500)
  2. Computer Network Architect. (Median Salary: $142,500)
  3. Software Developer. (Median Salary: $130,500)
  4. Computer Systems Administrator. (Median Salary: $109,200)
  5. Web Developer. (Median Salary: $88,700)
  6. Computer Support Specialists. (Median Salary: $98,500)
  7. IT Manager. (Median Salary: $88,700)
  8. Database Administrator. (Median Salary: $82,400)
  9. Computer Programmer. (Median Salary: $84,200)
  10. Computer Systems Analysts. (Median Salary: $53,500)

Information Security Analysts: Today there is a lot of cases that report a data breach and thus there is an increasing demand for analysts who can safeguard the information. The role of information security analysts is to shield the organizations’ network and computer systems from cyberattacks. Because of the increasing number of cases regarding cybercrime data privacy has become of utmost importance. Therefore, every company hires professionals who can solve and handle security issues like a pro.

Computer Network Architect: A computer network usually forms the mainframe of a company. The role of a network architect is to design and build a variety of data communication network. Apart from that, the main job of the network architect is to also make sure that the data connection between the components remains uninterrupted. Along with technical expertise network architects also have an in-depth knowledge of cloud and small intranets and thus the demand for the job role is sure to see an upsurge in the coming years.

Software Developer: It is one of the most creative and innovative job fields that have skyrocketed since its inception. The role of a software developer is very important in an organization. Software developers are the inventors of various technologies that we use in day to day lives. As the job role requires a lot of technical expertise and innovation, there is a lot of work that is stacked upon a developer. From writing code from scratch to maintaining the already up and running programs, this is one job whose demand will never cease.

Computer Systems Administrator: The role of a systems administrator is to maintain the servers of an organization. Many people might not be aware but there are major malfunctions of cables that occur within a company’s local areas network. One of the main reasons why top MNC’s hire a computer systems administrator is to keep the network congestion-free. Apart from fixing and identifying network issues, the computer administrator also updates the various software and equipment for easy workflow. In the coming years, this profession is expected to grow further as workplaces will require people that can implement security measures seamlessly.

Web Developer: The Internet today has made life easy. With the increasing demand of online portals, there is also a growing requirement of web developers. It is an already busted fact that creating a website is not an easy task. The website developers play a key role in making the online site user-friendly using the latest technology and templates. Therefore, many companies today go for hiring developers with a solid understanding of design principles. As technology is expected to grow further in the upcoming years, the job role will also see a huge demand.

Computer Support Specialists: These people are tech-savants who have expertise in working under a variety of settings. The main role of computer support specialists is to help employees facing log-in difficulties and software malfunctions. As the organizations constantly require to upgrade the network equipment, the requirement for support specialists will always remain in demand.

IT Manager: IT managers are people who can navigate to the depth of the ever-changing technological labyrinth. These professionals help an organization to deliver short-term and long-term goals easily. While the main role of an IT manager is to co-ordinate and accordingly plan the upgrades of existing software, they also play an important part in protecting the office network from cyber-attacks. All this together makes the job role one of the sought after positions in a company.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Ranked: Top 10 Highest Paying Technology Jobs, 2020
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