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NJ Ayuk
CEO Spotlight

NJ Ayuk: Humble US Trained Dealmaker, Who Is on a Mission to Empower African Legal and Energy Industry and Fight for the Indigenous People’s Welfare

The continent of Africa is touted as full of natural resources, having reserves of oil and other organic which are quite valuable in the capitalist market today. However, Africa as a continent remains the poorest, and its nations are plunged into a deep state of poverty. Social activism based in...
June Lai
CEO Spotlight

A ‘Catalyst’ for Growth? Chief Scientist and CEO, June Lai Represents Future for Women in Science & Tech

Meet June Lai, the CEO, and scientist behind the high-performance and award-winning manufacturer of protective and stylish smartphone and smart tablet cases, Catalyst. Consumer technology is no doubt changing, as the race towards mass adoption of artificial intelligence (A.I.), augmented reality (AR), and blockchain technologies continues. But the stories that...
Luke Battiloro
CEO Spotlight

Remarketing is Helping eCommerce Brands Like Vavoom Vodka Compete

For startups and small ecommerce businesses selling products or services online, remarketing is emerging as a cost-effective alternative to digital advertising. With less upfront advertising investment required and quicker start-up times, remarketing is helping small businesses compete with more established digital brands this holiday season. Luke Battiloro, the founder of...
Kevin Zhang
CEO Spotlight

Kevin Zhang Shares the Benefits of Taking His Course

Entrepreneurs often need guidance to discover the types of business that will provide them with the greatest benefits. One type of business that many beginning entrepreneurs overlook is dropshipping. Dropshipping is the practice of selling products from a dedicated website, generally Shopify, without having to physically deal with the products...
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Lior Yaffe of Jelurida Discusses the Role of Technology in Global Pandemics

Blockchain has been around for the last twelve years, since Bitcoin’s inventor mined the first cryptocurrency in early 2009. Over that time, it’s become apparent that the technology offers far greater opportunities than cryptocurrencies. Having been adopted by firms including JPMorgan, Walmart, De Beers, and many others, blockchain technology has...
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