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Will Banks, CEO at Shillings Capital
CEO Spotlight

An interview with Will Banks, CEO at Shillings Capital

With a career in Australia, Europe, and the UK, Will Banks is a business leader who knows how to handle crucial aspects of a business's structure to drive growth and profitability. As a result of his international recognition, the Australian Federal Government granted him permanent residency through the exclusive Distinguished...
Dr. Dimitrios Salampasis
CEO Spotlight

Interview with Dr. Dimitrios Salampasis

Dr. Dimitrios Salampasis, Director and Strategic Advisor | Award-Winning Educator and Researcher | Keynote Speaker | Future-Thinking Leader | Senior Lecturer FinTech | Global Explorer Dr. Dimitrios Salampasis is the Director, Master of Financial Technologies, FinTech Capability Leader and Senior Lecturer of FinTech Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Swinburne School...
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