CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight

Business Of Stars- Jeremy Paxman: His New Investment In A “Green” Distillery In Scotland

The University Challenge presenter, Jeremy Paxman, decided to invest in the drink industry like many other celebrities. British journalist and author invested in Scotland's first organic whiskey distillery, which is called Scottish Nc'nean Distillery, located on the Morvern Peninsula in the western Highlands. Of course, this story's impressive point is...
Johnny Pineyro
CEO Spotlight

Unlocking the Secrets of Success: Johnny Pineyro Reveals How Finding Balance Can Transform Your Life and Career

How can one successfully juggle the demands of work and personal life without sacrificing one for the other? Serial Entrepreneur, Johnny Pineyro, and accomplished Attorney, seasoned Real Estate Professional, and Venture Capitalist/Investor, exemplifies how being a successful leader and a trusted employer is akin to being a great husband and father; two complementary sides of the same coin....
Vuslat Doğan Sabancı
CEO Spotlight

Vuslat Doğan Sabancı: Generous Listening is the missing piece for living and flourishing together

With wars ongoing around the world, terrible natural disasters like the earthquake which recently devastated parts of Turkey and Syria, climate change a growing problem and inflation exacerbating income inequality, today’s world often seems chaotic. Moreover, this tumultuous time has followed years of other troubles, including political and media polarisation,...
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