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Top 15 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs, 2020 Rankings

If we talk about one of the most rewarding and fun careers in the world, engineering takes the first seat. The hugely popular field is not just a course but a way of life for students. As the world, today keeps on innovating, the requirement for engineers is also growing.

What makes engineering different from the rest of the streams is the different courses offered under it. Getting a degree in engineering will not only land you a high-paying job but also teach you to be a great businessman and entrepreneur. CEOWORLD magazine lists out the best engineering jobs of 2020 that are not only diverse but also in gaining expertise on the professional forefront.

  1. Petroleum Engineer. (Median Salary: $137,200)
  2. Nuclear Engineers. (Median Salary: $99,400)
  3. Aerospace Engineers. (Median Salary: $97,500)
  4. Engineering Managers. (Median Salary: $91,700)
  5. Chemical Engineers. (Median Salary: $90.,300)
  6. Software Engineers. (Median Salary: $87,900)
  7. Environmental Engineer. (Median Salary: $87,700)
  8. Biomedical Engineer. (Median Salary: $88,200)
  9. Mechanical Engineer. (Median Salary: $87,500)
  10. Civil Engineer. (Median Salary: $86,400)
  11. Electrical Engineers. (Median Salary: $84,800)
  12. Materials Engineers. (Median Salary: $83,600)
  13. Architect. (Median Salary: $79,300)
  14. Cartographer. (Median Salary: $64,400)
  15. Environmental Engineering Technician. (Median Salary: $50,500)

Cartographer: We all use digital maps and GPS services to navigate from one place to another. But did you know that the whole process of mapping technically has a name for it? Cartography is essentially the study of maps and a cartographer is someone who compiles it. Due to the increasing dependence on technology the demand for the job role has also upsurged in recent times. From the private sector to the military sector career opportunities in cartography are sure to grow in the future, hence making the field one of the best in terms of engineering jobs.

Civil Engineer: Civil Engineers are one of the best artists responsible for famous buildings and bridges. They help shape up modern society by designing and planning commercial developments. As every country nowadays lays emphasis on the infrastructure, layout, and planning, the demand for civil engineers is to grow immensely. The job role includes breaking down construction costs and take into account government regulations. Civil engineering itself is a broad field and includes various job roles such as a structural engineer, environmental engineer, marine engineer, design, and geotechnical engineer.

Architect: The career opportunities for an architect are always vast. In simple words, an architect is like an artist without a canvas. People who opt for a career in architecture generally use their skills to design and create buildings that are aesthetically pleasing and suit the modern layout of smart cities. As designing today has incorporated a 3D approach, this advancement of technology can further help the architects to make use of digital printing for designing buildings quickly.

Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical engineering is another field that has huge career prospects for newbies. The main job role and responsibility of a mechanical engineer is to research, develop, and test various devices. Another common trait possessed by the people interested in this career opportunity is enthusiasm for solving problems. Due to the introduction of 3D printing and new innovations, mechanical engineers today create designs to suit the modern world. This particular stream of engineering also has subsets like nanotechnology and remanufacturing which results in broader career prospects for interested aspirants.

Biomedical Engineer: Biomedical engineering is one of the top fields right now. The stream is a fusion of healthcare and engineering and hence promises the best prospects for aspirants. The biomedical study involves the application of engineering to create a solution for healthcare. Every candidate who is planning to have a career in this cutting-edge sector the breadth of opportunities is very vast. Recent studies also reported that there will be around 3.6 percent employment growth for biomedical engineers in the coming years. All this together makes the field a top-notch sector for engineering jobs.

Environmental Engineer:  Global warming is the buzzword for the current generation . With the rise in the hazardous impact on the greenhouse effect, the demand for environmental engineering also increases. The main job role of environmental engineers is to prevent and remediate negative effects on the environment. The area of work for environmental engineers includes waste management, erosion, and water pollution. Also, due to the increasing demand for this field of engineering, multiple job openings should also open up in the coming years.

 Petroleum Engineer: Petroleum engineers devise cost-effective ways of extracting oil from reservoirs. To do this they spend a lot of time evaluating and analyzing data to make the process faster and better. Owing to the vast career prospects in this field, employment opportunities for petroleum engineers will spike up by 2028.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Top 15 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs, 2020 Rankings
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