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Ranked: These are the best countries in the world for digital nomads and expatriates, 2024


Relocation, which is at the heart of the expats definition and defines the lifestyle of digital nomads, is one of those decisions that needs to be carefully considered, especially when it comes to deciding where to settle, be it temporarily or long-term. While most countries are becoming friendlier to digital nomads and expats in terms of infrastructure, regulations and digital nomads visa, there are some countries that are far ahead of others when it comes to meeting the needs of digital nomads and expats.

Portugal has become a popular destination for digital nomads and expatriates due to its unique combination of affordability, quality of life, and a growing tech industry. Compared to many other Western European countries, Portugal has a relatively low cost of living, which extends to accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking a harmonious blend of work and lifestyle. Portugal has attractive visa options and residency programs for non-EU citizens, which makes it easier for digital nomads and expatriates to live and work in the country. There are programs like the digital nomad visa in Portugal, which offer incentives and simplified procedures for obtaining residency for expatriates in Portugal.

Spain has been ranked the second-best country for expats and digital nomads. The country effortlessly combines tradition and modernity, offering a unique fusion of a vibrant culture, favorable living conditions, and a thriving digital landscape. It has several initiatives, such as the digital nomad visa Spain, which have made it a popular destination for many nomads and expats. Spain’s rich cultural heritage, lively festivals, and diverse traditions create a vibrant atmosphere that attracts digital nomads and expats alike. From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the historic charm of Seville, Spain offers a lifestyle that seamlessly blends work and leisure.

As more and more people embrace remote work and global mobility, Greece has emerged as a popular destination for digital nomads and expatriates in 2024. This timeless land is nestled in the embrace of the Mediterranean and offers a perfect blend of ancient history and modern opportunities, making it an ideal place for those seeking a balance between work and travel. Greece introduced its own digital nomad visa in September 2021, and it has quickly become a favorite choice for remote workers. Greek hospitality is renowned worldwide, and the friendly and welcoming nature of the locals makes it easier for expats and digital nomads to integrate into Greek society and establish meaningful connections.

Best countries in the world for digital nomads and expatriates, 2024

RankCountryRegionPopulationGDP (USD million)GDP Per CapitaHuman Development Index (HDI)
1PortugalSouthern Europe10,467,366276,43226,8790.615
2SpainSouthern Europe48,345,2231,582,05433,0900.544
3GreeceSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)10,413,982242,38523,1730.796
4ItalySouthern Europe58,919,3452,186,08237,1460.762
5United Arab EmiratesWest Asia9,282,410509,17950,6020.477
6TurkeyWest Asia85,279,5531,154,60013,3840.492
7HungaryCentral Europe9,597,085203,82921,0750.774
8MexicoNorth America129,406,7361,811,46813,8040.706
9ThailandSoutheastern Asia68,263,022512,1937,2980.511
10BulgariaSoutheastern Europe (Balkans)6,447,710103,09916,0870.911
11PanamaCentral America4,337,40682,34818,4930.632
12MalaysiaSoutheastern Asia33,379,500430,89513,0340.717
13TaiwanEastern Asia23,399,654751,93032,3390.926
14Costa RicaCentral America5,262,22585,59016,2130.858
15PhilippinesSoutheastern Asia112,892,781435,6753,8590.621
16BahrainWest Asia1,577,05944,99428,4640.937
17Czech RepublicCentral Europe10,882,235335,24330,4750.846
18NetherlandsWestern Europe17,590,0001,092,74861,7700.685
19GermanyCentral Europe84,607,0164,429,83852,8240.802
20SingaporeSoutheastern Asia5,917,600497,34787,8840.564

best countries in the world for digital nomads and expatriates, 2024

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Ranked: These are the best countries in the world for digital nomads and expatriates, 2024
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