The External Advisory Board (EAB) of the CEOWORLD magazine provides advice and counsel to the editorial department regarding industry’s and other constituents’ needs and trends, and therefore support the department in the achievement of its strategic goals. The EAB includes individuals with national and international prominence, CEOs, CFOs, senior executives, business leaders, government agencies, and high net worth individuals from the academic and non-academic sector.

Thought leaders to support CEOWORLD magazine’s vision.

External Advisory Board (EAB)
(Adopted March 28, 2007)

External Advisory Board (EAB) Mission Statement:

The External Advisory Board (EAB) is a partner-nominated group of external senior executives, academic, trade and standards association, government, and umbrella organization advisors who assist in reviewing the magazine’s development and progress as a whole, and wherever possible contribute to CEOWORLD magazine’s success, integration, and continuation on an international scale. Our distinguished External Advisory Board members include internationally recognized experts from a wide variety of disciplines, fields, organizations, and countries.

Advisory Board Principles:

Serve as an advisory group to the External Advisory Board (EAB) chair.
Identify constituencies who can contribute to the advancement of the CEOWORLD magazine.
Assist in fund-raising campaigns to help increase the financial resources of the CEOWORLD magazine.
External Advisory Board (EAB) Chair will provide overall leadership guidance to the Board.

Advisory Board Roles and Responsibilities:

Commit to regular attendance of External Advisory Board meetings.
Provide strategic planning guidance for CEOWORLD magazine.
Assist the magazine in the continuous evaluation of objectives, assessment of outcomes, and proactively recommend changes.
Assist in the creation of an annual report that provides an assessment of the current state of the magazine and makes suggestions for future activities.
Recruit additional Board members.
Become an active and positive external spokesperson for the CEOWORLD magazine.

Advisory Board Academic Leadership:

– External Advisory Board (EAB) Chair.

Advisory Board Leadership, Membership and Charter:

Nominated by the EAB Chair
Elected by the EAB (majority vote)
EAB members are appointed to a term of up to 3 years by the External Advisory Board (EAB) Chair. Upon completion of the term, a member may be reappointed at the discretion of the Board Chair.
Maximum active membership of 15.
Membership Rollover: For maximum continuity, rollover of 1/5 to 1/4 membership/year as a guideline. Partial terms will not count in total terms served.

Advisory Board Meeting Process:

Yearly meetings
Autumn: magazine’s headquarters or other office locations
Spring by teleconference if necessary
Ad hoc special meetings, if required, at the discretion of EAB Chair.
Agenda is the responsibility of the EAB Chair with input from the full Board.

Honorary Members: EAB Honorary membership, if desired, has no limitation.
Honorary Board members must have served a minimum of three years of active membership.

Additions, deletions, or revisions to the Charter may be incorporated as follows:
Recommendations for consideration presented to the Board members for discussion by the Chair.
Adoption requires 2/3 Board majority vote including Chair affirmative vote.
Committee structure or special study groups, if required, at the discretion of the EAB Chair.