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Slight Uptick in Confidence Among China-Based CEOs Amid Growing Risks

Business confidence among CEOs of multinational corporations in China has seen a marginal improvement over the past six months, according to the latest Conference Board Measure of CEO Confidence™ for China. This semi-annual survey, which includes CEOs from predominantly US and European multinational companies operating in China, revealed an increase...
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What Is A Restaurant LMS?

A restaurant LMS differs in detail from other LMS platforms. Both carry the same idea and set of tools, but this is exactly where the first difference comes from. Restaurant platforms, aside from being a learning hub, also have specially designed tools for this sector. This industry is known for...
Gina Rinehart
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Australia’s Richest: Gina Rinehart’s Portrait Sparks Debate on Art and Censorship at National Gallery

Gina Rinehart, Australia's wealthiest woman and a prominent patron of the National Gallery, finds herself at the center of a controversy surrounding an exhibition by notable Australian artist Vincent Namatjira. Among Namatjira's works is a caricature portrait of Rinehart, alongside depictions of 20 other famous figures, including Queen Elizabeth, footballers, singers, and politicians, all rendered in caricature....
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