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Highest Paying Creative And Media Jobs, 2020 Rankings

Today most people are stuck in the same type of desk job. The 9-9 routine is not only monotonous but also spares a very less time to explore the creative side. But what if we told you that there was a way to exercise your creativity and also get paid handsomely? The trending news for all creative folks is that there are many significant careers that allow you to capitalize on your inventiveness.

These jobs below are slightly out of the ordinary but promise of a great career ahead. As globalization continues at breakneck speed, the demand for other creative jobs is also to rise in the future. Let us now take a look at the other professions that have made it to the list.

  1. Art Director (Average Annual Income: $92,200)
  2. Technical Writer (Average Annual Income: $71,700)
  3. Public Relations Specialist (Average Annual Income: $60,100)
  4. Sound Engineering Technician (Average Annual Income: $52,900)
  5. Graphic Designer (Average Annual Income: $50,400)
  6. Interpreter and Translator (Average Annual Income: $49,800)
  7. Choreographer (Average Annual Income: $47,800)
  8. Actor (Average Annual Income: $35,300)

Art Director: Art directors are creative professionals who are tasked with executions of shows, websites, or events. The ability to conceive and deliver groundbreaking ideas makes this profession different from others. An art director must possess the knack to think out of the box to match the client’s requirements and also stay true to the brand. This creative field is sure to see more job openings in the future due to the rising demand for the art directors.

Technical Writer: The art of simplifying complex stories and bringing the information to the table can be done by none other than a technical writer. In addition to penning down guides and FAQ pages, technical writers also work with a team to determine a way of reaching out to the users in the best possible way. As technical writing forms the foundation for every product, the profession is sure to see more job openings in the coming years.

Public Relations Specialist: A public relations specialist’s main job responsibility is to cultivate a positive image of their clients in front of the media. Today social media outreach has engulfed everyone within its boundaries. As a public relations specialist, your task might require preparing pitch decks, speeches, and videos that deflect the negative image of the client. As web tools and social media handles are growing at a faster pace, the job sector will also witness more openings in the next 7 to 8 years.

Graphic Designer: Graphic designers are storytellers who convey information to the users visually. They have expertise in illustrating the information with the help of a software. From billboards to logos, posters, and advertisements, all these are the brainchild of a designer. Along with having technical and communicational skills graphic designers shall also be able to organize information that will help users. In the upcoming years, there will a rise in employment opportunities in this field for professionals.

Sound Engineering Technician: Sound engineering technicians mainly carry out the work of setting up audio equipment. They also look after the synchronization of the instruments during a live performance or any concert. These professionals work at diversified venues starting from theatre performances, sporting events to even weddings. As they are well versed in the art of seamlessly mixing the music, the demand for sound technicians is sure to rise in the future.

Interpreter and Translator: Interpreters and translators both work towards molding the language to convey a meaning. Interpreters can be classified further into sign language and spoken language interpreters. The only point of difference between the two is the scope of work. While sign language interpreters convey the words to a hearing-impaired audience, the spoken language interpreters master command over a second language. Translators, on the other hand, can easily convert one a written language into another.

Choreographer:  If you are someone who has got the moves, then taking up choreography as a profession will suit you well. Choreographers are masters of different dance forms. Be it hip hop, salsa, contemporary, or classical, it is the work of a choreographer to tell stories through movements. Today choreography is not limited to the movies but is also thriving on other platforms as well. As more and more students get themselves enrolled in dance schools, the demand for the profession is sure to surge high.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Highest Paying Creative And Media Jobs, 2020 Rankings
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