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30 Best Highest-Paying Healthcare Support Jobs, 2020

Blame increasing pollution, hectic work life, the heavy dose of junk foods, or something else, but worsening health condition is an unfortunate reality. The average lifespan of humans is increasing, but in the list of ailments, there are several new entrants. We all want to live longer with the hope of not getting infected by life-threatening diseases. There is no doubt the demand for health care support professionals will rise further as people will spend more and more to stay healthy to keep disease away. The huge demand for healthcare professionals makes it the best job in any developed and developing market.

Apart from demand, healthcare support jobs give the highest level of satisfaction of serving fellow human beings. Above-average median salary, growth prospects, and above all the sense of respect make it the most favored career option. You don’t need to be a physician to start a career as healthcare support professional. All you need is relevant certification and training along with the dedication to serve people under the supervision of the doctor. According to the US News survey, these are some of the best healthcare support jobs in 2020 to begin a rewarding and fulfilling career.

  1. Genetic Counselor. (Median Salary: $80,000)
  2. Nuclear Medicine Technologist. (Median Salary: $76,000)
  3. Dental Hygienist. (Median Salary: $75,000)
  4. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. (Median Salary: $74,000)
  5. MRI Technologist. (Median Salary: $71,000)
  6. Orthotist and Prosthetist. (Median Salary: $69,000)
  7. Occupational Therapy Assistant. (Median Salary: $60,000)
  8. Radiologic Technologist. (Median Salary: $59,000)
  9. Physical Therapist Assistant. (Median Salary: $58,000)
  10. Cardiovascular Technologist. (Median Salary: $56,000)
  11. Hearing Aid Specialist. (Median Salary: $53,000)
  12. Clinical Laboratory Technician. (Median Salary: $52,000)
  13. Surgical Technologist. (Median Salary: $47,000)
  14. Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurse. (Median Salary: $46,000)
  15. Massage Therapist. (Median Salary: $41,000)
  16. Medical Records Technician. (Median Salary: $40,000)
  17. Dental Assistant. (Median Salary: $38,000)
  18. Optician. (Median Salary: $37,000)
  19. Ophthalmic Medical Technician. (Median Salary: $36,000)
  20. Medical Secretary. (Median Salary: $35,000)
  21. Veterinary Technologist and Technician. (Median Salary: $34,600)
  22. Phlebotomist. (Median Salary: $34,200)
  23. Paramedic. (Median Salary: $34,000)
  24. Medical Assistant. (Median Salary: $33,000)
  25. Pharmacy Technician. (Median Salary: $32,000)
  26. Nursing Aide. (Median Salary: $29,000)
  27. Occupational Therapy Aide. (Median Salary: $28,000)
  28. Physical Therapist Aide. (Median Salary: $26,000)
  29. Personal Care Aide. (Median Salary: $25,000)
  30. Home Health Aide. (Median Salary: $24,000)

Dental Hygienist: This is one of the hottest healthcare support jobs in the market with projections of strong growth potential. As dental hygienists, your job involves offering services to prevent dental ailments by cleaning; removing stains, and support dentists in his regular treatments. With median salary estimates of approx $75,000, this labor bureau estimate shows that the employment market will expand 10.8% over the next 10 years. During the period, 23,700 jobs will open in the US market. Join any dental hygienist course and get a certificate to start a rewarding career.

Genetic Counselor: In modern medical science, genetic makeup plays a crucial role in diagnosis and potential risk analysis. As a genetic counselor, you will have to study the family tree of your client and report your analysis to the therapist. Based on your inputs the client may have to undergo further tests and accordingly analyze and interpret genetic reports to the therapist. You have to get a college degree in genetics and develop skills of critical thinking and counseling to begin a career in this field. Since you technically look into the future through genetics, the median salary is relatively high at $80,000 with healthy growth projections. The labor bureau estimates that employment growth will be a huge 27% over the next 10 years.

Physical Therapist Assistant: If you go by popularity, this one is at the top of the best healthcare support jobs list because as an assistant it is you who interacts with patients to help them get relief from pain. Based on the examination and prescription of the physiotherapy plan of physical therapists, you carry out the plan to help patients recover faster. You need relevant training and a certificate to work as a physical therapist assistant and start a career with a median salary of $58,000. With projections of employment growth of 27%, this is a hot job opportunity with an estimated job opening of huge 26,700 jobs.

Home Health Aide: If you looking for an opportunity to serve people and don’t have a college degree, the home health aide is the best option for you as there will over 300,000 openings for you. It is you who will be responsible for the hygiene of patients and surroundings and in some cases look after wounds and cuts of patients. With median salary estimation on $24,000 and a huge 36.6% employment growth projection this one is the best career option with the highest job satisfaction rating.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer: Ultrasound technology plays a very crucial role in diagnosing ailments. As a diagnostic medical sonographer, your role will involve using the ultrasound device to take pictures of organs and tissues and help physicians make reports. You need proper training and certification to start working as a sonographer in a median salary of $74,000.  According to the labor, the bureau estimates the employment growth would be approx 20% over the decade and overall 14,200 jobs will be created during the same period.

Healthcare is one of the booming sectors as far as jobs are concerned, with projections of expanding exponentially following the recent outbreak of a pandemic. Apart from medical assistant and record technicians, some of the best healthcare support jobs are orthodontists, veterinary technicians, personal care aides, and massage therapists. You can choose your area depending on your interest, but at the end of the day, you will go home with the highest satisfaction and sense of fulfillment.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - 30 Best Highest-Paying Healthcare Support Jobs, 2020
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