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Estate Planning Strategies for Business Owners Planning an Exit

After likely spending a lifetime building your business, deciding to exit can be a hard choice. It’s made even harder if you don’t have a comprehensive exit strategy in place. Senior wealth manager Susan Jones provides a guide to exit planning — from estate planning to liquidation strategies — to...
Joe Hart
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Why every good leader needs a coach?

A google search with the term ‘Executive coaching’ returns 282 million hits, so the coaching industry is as strong as it has ever been. Executive Coaching is as commonplace in organisations now as corporate yoga sessions, workplace massage therapists, employee engagement surveys, chillout rooms, and gift vouchers for ‘living’ the...
Michelle Bowden
CEO Insider

5 ways to improve your likability

It’s a fact that likable people are the ones who get furthest in life. Even if you’re not the smartest or most experienced, if you are the most likable, you’ll often be the most persuasive at the moment. In contrast, unlikeable people are a turn-off. They destroy the joy and...
Mel Kettle
CEO Insider

How to become a fully connected leader

My favorite get-to-know-you question is ‘what does connection mean to you?’. While everyone has a different answer, there are common themes.  ‘Connection is a two-way relationship between people.’ ‘Connection is a willingness or a shared agreement to be vulnerable.’ ‘Connection is not about what you’re doing, it’s about who you...
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