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Sandra Quince
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Taking the reins of my career and succeeding in the C-Suite through leadership coaching

We could all use a confidence boost these days – especially with how fast life is moving around us. Think about the last compliment you got from a friend, colleague or even from the boss. How did it feel? Great, right?  That’s exactly how I feel every time I connect...
Dan Hawkins
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A CEO’s Guide to Leading Through Disruption

There is no doubt that today’s CEOs are under duress. Uncertainty in the economy and ongoing turbulence in the current operating environment has created unprecedented challenges and disruptions. Today’s CEOs must forge ahead, moving past what is getting in their way to achieve their investors’ expectations and strategic goals. As...
Payal Nanjiani
CEO Insider

Why every CEO must achieve self-mastery

As I write this article flying 35000 feet above the ground, completing a leadership keynote for a CEO conference event in India, I recollect one of the common elements I've found most executives lack. And that element is self-mastery. My work is all about coaching high-profile CEOs and leaders. I...
Business Meeting
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How to Set Tangible Ecommerce Goals for 2023

Global ecommerce strategies can be challenging and scary for the underprepared. Now is the time to set goals to keep your global efforts on track and reap the benefits of international ecommerce. Maintaining a global mindset is imperative for success, especially as our society becomes more connected and international. What...
Risk or reward
CEO Insider

The co-CEO model: Risk or reward?

Success is becoming harder in a competitive and uncertain world: Today's business environment is a cocktail of competition and uncertainty. High performance is harder to come by, as indicated by a Forbes study of 400 top global executives, where 90% stated they do not believe the current environment is friendly to...
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