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CEOs of the ASX100 Firms Received an Average of 66.3% of Their Maximum Potential Bonuses

In 2023, chief executives faced a higher risk of losing their jobs than missing out on their bonuses, according to research from the Australia Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI). ACSI's 23rd annual CEO Pay in ASX200 Companies report analyzed the compensation of 145 of Australia's top executives. It revealed that...
Helen Baker
CEO Insider

Separating AI hype from investment opportunity

Amidst the considerable hype around AI and its seemingly endless possibilities, the technology’s proponents and critics alike can be prone to embellishment – making the extent of its investment potential difficult to ascertain. ‘Revolutionising’. ‘Unbiased’. ‘Productivity gains’. ‘Impersonal’. ‘Unethical’. ‘Make humans obsolete’. All these and more have been attributed to...
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How to Pass Your Financial Physical

Health and wealth go hand in hand. Just as physicians recommend annual physicals for their patients, so do financial advisors suggest annual reviews for their clients. Everyone knows it’s harder to get in shape than it is to stay in shape; the same rules apply to money, going from a...
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