Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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CEO Insider

Why Decency Matters in the C-Suite

As mentioned in an earlier article, being a decent person while leading others is all about treating people in ways that you would want to be treated should the roles be reversed. If you adopt the Golden Rule principle, you get: Greater Engagement: People want to help leaders that demonstrate...
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When Will Leader Decency Be Cool Again?

Famously, John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods, was one of the first executives to make headlines for reducing his salary to $1 per year. Yes, he had stock options and cashed in unused vacation time. However, the intention was to demonstrate a commitment to fairness and pay equity....
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5 Ways Fake News is Amplifying Phishing and Fraud

The threat of phishing scams and online fraud is ever present. It can be challenging to identify common scams, while carefully planned and targeted spear-phishing attacks are growing more sophisticated every day. The prevalence of fake news and deliberate disinformation, the intentional spreading of false content, across social media is...
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How to be a future savvy leader

Anticipating the future is critical to an organisation’s success. In their 2018 research paper, Rohrbeck and Kim cite “Future-prepared firms outperformed the average by a 33% higher profitability and outperform the average by a 200% higher growth”. Being future savvy makes sense for profit and growth. This kind of strategic...
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4 ways to balance healthier egonomics with economics in the digital age

‘Economics’ is a social science: knowledge associated with production, consumption and wealth transfer through behaviour and economical agent interactions. Generally measured in absence or achievement of material prosperity. Thomas Schelling first coined ‘Egonomics’: suggesting individuals suffer split personalities. The present self wishing something now, short term (eating a cookie) whilst...
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