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As WeWork Crashes, Tenants Can Secure New Space at Historic Rates

WeWork, once considered a major disruptor in office space, commanding a $47 billion valuation, is now on the verge of bankruptcy. The startup’s model—take existing office space, transform it, and sublet it in portions to smaller businesses and freelancers at a cheaper rate—was revealed to be a little more than...
Aaron Salko
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Knowing is Not Learning

These days, more than ever, we are bombarded daily with information about mindset, leadership, emotional intelligence, goal setting, career skills and personal health and mental well-being practices. Day after day, we watch reels and stories, and we read articles, charts, and graphic descriptions of things we can do in order...
Shannon MacKay
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Is Your Collaboration Smart?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of hybrid work, leaders are constantly seeking ways to support their teams effectively, whether they're in the office or working remotely. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Shannon MacKay, GM of Lenovo’s Smart Collaboration business group, about this very topic. Our conversation was...
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