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Best Cities In The World For Shopping In 2019


Shopping is one fun activity which is enjoyed by people of all ages and nationalities. It is kind of a stress buster to buy things you love at the most exquisite displays. Let it be clothes, shoes, or artifacts, there are some exclusive shopping destinations in the world which makes you amazed at the range of stuff they offer. The shopping experience doesn’t just get better but also goes easy on the pocket. The wide range of shopping goods defines the beauty of a shopping destination.

Paris, London, and Milan reign as fashion capitals, but New York City beat them all. Thanks to its healthy mix of world-famous window displays, designer labels, and independent boutiques, the Big Apple has been named as the world’s best city for shopping in 2019, according to the CEOWORLD magazine.

Shop ’til you drop in New York City!

Across the Atlantic, Italy dominated the European shopping scene, with three cities — Milan, Rome, and Florence — receiving high marks.

The World’s Best Shopping Cities, 2019:

RankCityVarietyFriendlinessValue For MoneyScore
1New York City, United States95949797
2Paris, France91939496
3London, United Kingdom86919394
4Hong Kong81899292
5Bangkok, Thailand74888991
6Los Angeles, California , United States73878688
8Dubai, United Arab Emirates70818184
9Milan, Italy68807982
10Seoul, South Korea66797680
11Madrid, Spain65767479
12Vienna, Austria64757076
13Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia63716974
14Tokyo, Japan61706771
15Berlin, Germany60696369
16Sao Paulo, Brazil59686267
17Rome, Italy58656165
18Athens, Greece57636064
19Melbourne, Australia50615863
20Amsterdam, Netherlands47555561
21Las Vegas, Nevada, United States44535457
22Florence, Italy41525256
23Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States38504753
24Hoi An, Vietnam37484552
25Chicago, Illinois , United States35454148

To pinpoint which cities around the world are favorites for globetrotters who travel to shop, we surveyed 1,200 global experts, using a 1-to-100 scoring scale for each 3 factors.

1) Variety: major shopping centers, designers, quantity of upscale shops, shopping malls, boutique retailers, number of available brands, and the little-known antiques shop.
2) Friendliness:
city beauty, quality of window displays, shop decor, staff friendliness, city dining experience, and accommodation options.
3) Value for money: bargain opportunities, such as sale seasons and average prices.

Here are some of the exciting shopping destinations of the world which keeps your suitcase filled with amazing take back goods:

New York City, USA: It is considered to be the best all-round shopping destination of the world for a reason. Lined up with hundreds of international brands, there are thousands of boutiques, vintage shops which are exclusive to the city. Try out malls such as Time Warner Centre, SoHo boutiques, pop-up shops in Byrant Park and Union Square for a majestic experience.

Paris, France: One cannot afford to miss shopping at the fashion capital of the world.  High-end fashion labels such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton have their biggest outlets here.  Also check out the Paris’ Golden Triangle which offers the best shopping options. Check out the Christmas market during January to get budget-friendly shopping options here.For women who love fashion, Paris is the ultimate destination for shopping.

London, United Kingdom:  The best shopping of the world happens at Oxford Street which has the famous departmental store John Lewis. For mid-priced fashion outlets, check out Regent Street. Bond Street, Mayfair and Carnaby Street’s independent brands are another star attraction. Notting Hill is another amazing place with vintage offerings for the passionate shopper! London is also known for amazing electronic good shopping at a very affordable price since years.

Hong Kong, China: For people who love bargained goods and electronics, this is the perfect destination. Try out Jade Market, Temple Street, Street Night Market, and also visit  Kowloon’s Nathan Road which is a major retail outlet. This place is also famous for tailored goods where clothes can be custom stitched by wide range of tailoring options.

Bangkok, Thailand:  The well known departmental store MBK comprises of nearly 2000 stores of various outlets and brands. Chinatown has the cheapest and affordable goods which keeps your shopping mania even higher. Chatuchuck market is also one of the biggest shopping markets in the world.

Los Angeles, USA: This glam capital of the world has nothing but best to offer for the crazy shopper.  Rodeo Drive is one of the famous streets in the world for shopping. All the top-notch brands such as Armani, Coco Chanel, and Christian Dior are present in this elegant shopping destination. For a relaxed market atmosphere, try the Farmers’ Market for satiating your taste buds as well! Have a fashionable shopping trip to Melrose Avenue to get to know what all clothing celebrities live by !

Reporting by Navya; ; additional reporting by Alexandra Dimitropoulou; Editing by Anna Papadopoulos.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Best Cities In The World For Shopping In 2019

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