Friday, September 18, 2020

Executive Education

Best Universities Offering Gender Studies Programs in The US, 2020

Gender Studies have gained popularity in the 21st century and will continue to impact academic and policy-making discourse. Presently, there are many universities across the globe, which offer well-curated programs on gender studies. Gender Studies, being an interdisciplinary area of study, requires highly intellectual and well-qualified faculties with a holistic...
CEO Insider

2020 Elections Pose Reputational Challenges for Corporate America

The 2020 elections could cause a landslide of reputational challenges for American corporations. Last August’s Business Roundtable pledge—with CEOs recognizing employees, communities, the environment and others as stakeholders of equal standing to actual shareholders—has given politicians license to subordinate investors. Even former Vice President Joe Biden, considered by most to...
Business Travel

Family Tourism In Singapore

If we talk about the most popular tourist destinations in the world, then Singapore is sure to make it to the top. After, all the country has loads of attractions for both grown-ups and children. Luxury Superyacht charter in Singapore. With year-round sunshine and a clean atmosphere to back upon,...
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