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Richest People in Sweden, 2024

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As of June 12, 2024, Stefan Persson was estimated as the wealthiest person in Sweden, with a net worth of around $18.9 billion, followed by Antonia Ax: son Johnson (No. 2, $9.7 billion) and Carl Bennet (No. 3, $8.2 billion).

Richest People in Sweden, 2024

1Stefan Persson$18.9 billion
2Antonia Ax:son Johnson & family$9.7 billion
3Carl Bennet$8.2 billion
4Frederik Paulsen$8.0 billion
5Fredrik Lundberg$7.5 billion
6Finn Rausing$7.1 billion
7Jorn Rausing$7.1 billion
8Kirsten Rausing$7.1 billion
9Martin Lorentzon$7.0 billion
10Eric Douglas$6.8 billion
11Carl Douglas$6.8 billion
12Sofia Högberg Schörling$5.4 billion
13Märta Schörling Andreen$5.4 billion
14Torbjorn Tornqvist$5.4 billion
15Daniel Ek$4.9 billion
16Erik Selin$3.9 billion
17Roger Samuelsson$3.0 billion
18Lottie Tham & family$2.8 billion
19Dan Olsson$2.6 billion
20Bertil Hult$2.6 billion
21Katarina Martinson$2.2 billion
22Louise Lindh$2.1 billion
23Elisabeth Douglas$2.1 billion
24Karl-Johan Persson$2.0 billion
25David Mindus$1.9 billion

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Richest People in Sweden, 2024

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