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Carolyn Betts Fleming, CEO and founder of Betts
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The Great Rehiring: How businesses and executives can rise to the challenge

The Great Rehiring is the result of several forces at work. It is essentially the effect of the collective pause that businesses and employees took at the start of the pandemic. Because of the changing nature of the workforce, companies were able to reevaluate what qualities they desired in their...
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A Balanced Approach to Performance Assessment

The performance management process — and conducting performance reviews in particular — is often a source of frustration for leaders. And in a hybrid working environment, where it’s more challenging for leaders to directly observe their employees’ working habits and team interactions, the issue of how best to set and...
Executive Education

Top 5 Cosmetology Schools In the USA

At any cosmetology school, technical instruction and practical operations are used to cover the course with proper guidelines. The technical instructions include demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, or examination. On the other hand, practical operation means the actual performance of the students to compete in all types of mannequins. Here is...
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