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Despina Wilson

Despina Wilson

I am a senior editor and data journalist at CEOWORLD magazine. My job involves using infographics to report on news topics related to business and policy, with a global perspective. I hold a master's degree in journalism and have worked for newspapers and reporting projects in both the US and the UK, giving me a unique transatlantic perspective. I believe that data can enhance coverage of all news topics. As a contributor, I plan cover a wide range of issues, such as gender equality, climate change, labor, and immigration, using relevant statistics and insightful visualizations.

Jahongir Usmonov
CEO Spotlight

Digital Transformation of Freight Transport: How TSS Technology is Changing the Game

American trucks. This image is recognizable, inextricably associated with continuous roads, the land of opportunity, and an unyielding spirit of entrepreneurship. It seemed that even this romanticized industry of freedom and roaring engines would remain intact through the rapid development of digital technologies, but reality always turned out more pragmatic....
Xavier Staggs
CEO Spotlight

Xavier Staggs on Overcoming Startup Challenges

Perhaps more than ever, startups face numerous challenges in today's dynamic business environment.  One of the most significant challenges is securing funding. According to accomplished entrepreneur and business consultant Xavier Staggs, the startup financing landscape has fluctuated dramatically. "In 2019, a quality startup could raise $5 million with relative ease...
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