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From Flyers to Logos: How VistaCreate Supports Small Business Marketing Needs


Starting a business is not an achievement in the modern era – it’s keeping it afloat that matters the most. With the ease of launching a company, entrepreneurs don’t have to invest lots of resources into starting a business; crafting a complex strategy to become visible, unique, and consistent is much more critical. Marketing meets all those aspects, ensuring your brand A) successfully lands in the right niche, B) builds an extensive client base, and C) stands out in creativity and brand voice.

But how can a small business achieve all those from the get-go? Thanks to rapid tech advancement, brand owners can now use a list of available tools to streamline design processes, even without the background. VistaCreate is one such software that aims to make design more accessible. Here is something small businesses should know about VistaCreate and its mission to optimize marketing for anyone willing to embrace it on their own.

Pricing and Features: VistaCreate’s simplicity manifests right off the bat with its pricing system. The company’s two plans are Starter (completely free) and Pro ($13/month or $10/month if subscribed for a year). The number of features ranges depending on the plan. However, you can get the gist of the premium version by going for a free trial (the company doesn’t require your credit card for that).

Top-Notch Features for Entrepreneurs

To max out your marketing experience, VistaCreate offers a massive selection of templates, creative assets, and graphic tools. With at least a hundred thousand design templates (for Starter plan users), you’ll always keep your marketing fresh and evergreen. You don’t even have to dive deep into customizing – each template includes suggested elements carefully provided by experts. You can drop your logotype, replace the sample text with your deal, export a high-definition file to your device, and roll it out online. Here are just a few things to make your marketing shed full of sharp tools:

  • Royalty-free digital media for a never-ending aesthetic variety.
  • Free fonts, typography styles, animations, and icons.
  • Brand Kit and Styles for building a unique set of colors, typefaces, and logomarks and using it with different templates (the logo-making tool is also free of charge).
  • Image palettes – apply colors from any image, creating one-of-a-kind combinations for your marketing campaigns.
  • Massive storage for files and projects, even for Starter plan users.
  • Direct posting to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Post planner, allowing you to schedule publications and post them at the best time.


These surely will help build a marketing campaign distinct from your competitors. If you focus on an even more significant impact, the Pro plan opens more design opportunities for any brand owner. Additional features for entrepreneurs and their marketing ambitions include:

  • Team account. Easily share access to the dashboard with subordinates, partners, and friends by typing in their email addresses and working from anywhere with no limitations.
  • Background remover. BR is a go-to feature for making images more precise without compromising quality. You can erase the background or leave a blurred backdrop and let it peek through, creating an unusual visual effect and sparking viewers’ attention.
  • Resizer. Forget working in several tabs and manually providing the same content in different formats. With the resizing feature, you can scale your Facebook posts into print-ready flyers, posters, and a bunch of other formats, including custom dimensions.
  • Sticker maker. Avoid creating generic content – VistaCreate’s sticker maker gives you a stunning opportunity to be unique and shine your identity, even in minor details. Use the tool to convert any photo into a crisp sticker that will remain in people’s visual memory.

How Else Can Small Businesses Benefit from VistaCreate?

Additionally, VistaCreate has a user-friendly and navigable mobile version for those on the go. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS users and is a supplementary toolkit for the web platform. While it doesn’t have all the features of the web platform, a mobile version is still an excellent supplementary toolkit for starting new projects or editing those already in progress.

VistaCreate has a section called print-ready formats for those leaning toward traditional marketing. On top of that, US-based brand owners can use door-to-door delivery for such formats. Others can use flyers, posters, business cards, and many more templates from the section and print them out individually.


The considerable benefit of VistaCreate is that it eliminates the need to hire pricey services for online advertising. The platform provides video and music editing tools, like timeline, trim, crop, animate, and more, so you can create a promo ad for seasonal deals and discounts without outside help.

VistaCreate came into the graphic design scene years ago, accumulating many devotees, including those in the business. The company provides creative solutions for any brand, regardless of its design experience. Brand owners can benefit from the platform’s interoperability, working on web and smartphone projects, teaming up with others, and reaping the fruits of collaborative work. Its freemium model makes it an excellent graphic design tool to try and switch to once you’re satisfied with the results. The list of features continuously grows, and you’ll always be the first to use them when building materials, from flyers to logos.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - From Flyers to Logos: How VistaCreate Supports Small Business Marketing Needs

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