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Salla Vijay Kumar

Salla Vijay Kumar

Salla Vijay Kumar, is senior lecturer at Institute of Hotel Management Ahmedabad (IHMA), widely considered to be one of the India's best hospitality and hotel management schools. Salla Vijay is pursuing his Ph.D. in Management from Kadi Sarva University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat after M.Phil from Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU), Madurai and B.Sc. (H & H.A.) degree from IGNOU from Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad. He has 5 years of International & National industrial exposure at Holiday Inn, Ahmedabad, Baisan International, Bahrain and Sarovar Group, Ahmedabad and teaching at Baisan Institute of Hotel Management, Bahrain; he is serving IHM Ahmedabad since 2002. Salla Vijay Kumar is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on LinkedIn.
Executive Education

Equipped Enough to Learn

Learning has evolved further through digital literacy that entails assessing, experiencing and disseminating information in a digital world and can be differently utilized depending on disciplines. Hagel (2012) stated that the online mode of education has enhanced and continues to cultivate our understanding on how to effectively and efficiently utilize...
Art & Culture

The Sociomaterial Flip

Learning has always been a part and parcel of each one of us, at infrequent but on a regular intervals. Many don’t realize and many consider themselves learned enough. I agree to many that learning is for lifetime, even for the learned. While I was passing through my two decades...
C-Suite Advisory

Leadership From Literature

Do a SWOT analysis on yourself and you can introspect on yourself. Such situations arise out of results and personal performance and evaluating success quotient. What do you think I should do? Take a piece of paper, sit down, take deep breath and analyze what are your strengths and weaknesses...
Chef Cooking
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Cooking Climatology

We all crave to have something delightful. It is not greed, it is living life to the best; and when it comes to food, we just jump into the throng.  Today’s health conscious diet mentality has given rise to green practices, fresh environment and appealing ambience, many of us are...
Taj Mahal, Agra, India
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Equal Opportunities To Become Unequal In The Tourism Industry

Tourism in India seems a robust growth. With the boom in tourism, the trade has adopted multipronged approaches to sustain this growth. There is also focused emphasis for product development and strengthening tourism infrastructure. To sustain the hanging demand of the new generation tourists, priority should be given to redesign...
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