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Robert A. Adelson, Esq.

Robert A. Adelson, Esq.

Robert A. Adelson, Esq. is a corporate and tax attorney and principal of Adelson & Associates, LLC, Boston, Massachusetts. He represents CEOs and C-Level executives on various issues including employment terms, tax-favored equity, bonus and LTI compensation, change of control, retention, separation, wrongful termination, noncompete and restrictive covenants.

Robert Adelson is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.
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4 Reasons to Seek Executive Employment Advice Even Before You Receive a CEO Job Offer

As a CEO or C-level executive, you may well be receiving calls or emails from recruiters with new positions for your consideration, or alternatively, it could be you that is initiating the process seeking out new opportunities due to dissatisfaction with your current position or employment termination that finds you...
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CEO Agenda

Fighting the Double Trigger as free labor vs slavery: How to negotiate your own Change of Control acceleration terms

A change of control, such as in a merger/acquisition, can have significant implications for the C-suite executive. You may face the risk of getting laid off, reduction in compensation and benefits, changes in reporting structure, restrictions in seeking new employment due to non-compete or non-disclosure agreements, and much more. Offsetting...
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