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Chan Kung, founder of ANBOUND Think Tank (established in 1993), Mr. Chan Kung is a well-known authoritative expert in the field of information analysis in China. He is also the author of The Art of Analysis, published in 1990s, and The Core of Information Analysis, published in 2010. Through these works on information analysis, Mr. Chan Kung has laid a solid empirical theoretical foundation for China's information analysis discipline. As a reformist scholar in China, Mr. Chan Kung previously served as a director of the China Society of Economic Reform. Mr. Chan Kung has also laid the mission and direction for ANBOUND as China's independent think tank to seek universal public welfare. With research of information analysis as the foundation, Mr. Chan Kung has outstanding achievements in the field of public policy research. In geopolitics, he introduced "new space theory", and in the field of finance and industry, he put forward the idea of geo-capitalism and excessive capital. His book Crisis Triangle has been widely endorsed and supported by scholars in the field of urban issues. In addition, Mr. Chan Kung was also the first scholar who predicted the emergence of U.S.-China trade conflict. His Pedestrian-Oriented Development (POD) theory in the field of urban research is now increasingly becoming the theoretical guideline of urban renewal in China. Mr. Chan Kung’s highly strategic and forward-looking views and thoughts have received wide attention from the society, and he is respected for his accuracy in forecasting. Chan Kung is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
Hong Kong
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How Hong Kong’s Economy can Free Itself from the Current Predicament

Admittedly, Hong Kong now is in a better state than during the COVID-19 period. Yet, it is still not quite the bustling and prosperous city the world knew in the past. In fact, when discussing the state of Hong Kong’s economy, the comparison should not be made based on the...
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The Ukraine War and the Shift in Russia-China Relations

Russia-China relations have always attracted the world’s attention, though they are more often than not being misunderstood.   Recently, the leaders of the two countries attended the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit 2022 at Samarkand, Uzbekistan. According to the content published on the official website of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the...
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Some Observations on China’s Inflation in 2021

The National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS) has recently released the inflation-related data for December 2020 and the year. Both the CPI and PPI showed a turnaround trend from falling to rising, which aroused the market's concern about China's inflation. Some clients have also asked ANBOUND's research team questions...
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Chan Kung’s Model of China’s Core Interests

Wargame is a commonly used professional method in geopolitical analysis. The main approach of this method is to conduct study and analysis through simulating the reactions of two opposing sides and discussing the possible outcomes in terms of winning or losing. Therefore, in this analysis, the definition of the model...