Sunday, January 24, 2021

Rhett Power

Rhett Power

Rhett Power, named 2018 Best Small Business Coach in the U.S. — is the CEO of Power Coaching and Consulting. His bestselling book “The Entrepreneur’s Book of Actions” provides daily exercises for becoming wealthier, smarter, and more successful. Rhett Power is a regular contributor to the CEOWORLD magazine.
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How to Start Off 2021 for Pandemic Recovery

This year saw an unprecedented disruption in business around the world. Governments issued stay-at-home orders, companies shuttered offices and sent employees home, and millions of jobs disappeared overnight. Leaders have reacted as quickly as possible by going remote, rewriting policies and procedures, and rebuilding damaged supply chains, but things have...
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Not Sure How to Lead Your Team Through Uncertainty? Focus on What You Can Control

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an incredible amount of uncertainty. Employees wonder whether they’ll keep their jobs amid rising unemployment, parents question whether their kids will be safe returning to school, and business owners struggle to navigate the pandemic while keeping their companies afloat. In the current climate, these concerns are global...
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How to Be a Supportive Leader During Challenging Times

Businesses are reopening. Nations and states are loosening travel restrictions. People are making moves toward a “new normal.” And yet, rising case numbers and unemployment applications show that the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects are far from over. As a business leader, that means you’re still operating under crisis conditions. As with any crisis,...
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