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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Leo Bottary

Leo Bottary

Leo Bottary is the founder and managing partner of Peernovation, LLC. He is a sought-after thought leader on peer advantage, an emerging discipline dedicated to strategically engaging peers to realize your business and life goals. A popular author, educator, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, he advises both individuals and organizations and co-hosts the What Anyone Can Do podcast. Leo's first book, which he coauthored with former Vistage CEO Leon Shapiro, is titled The Power of Peers: How the Company You Keep Drives Leadership Growth & Success. His new book, What Anyone Can Do: How Surrounding Yourself with the Right People Will Drive Change, Opportunity, and Personal Growth, was released in September 2018. Leo is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
CEO Insider

Accountability and How You Can Grow as CEO

During our research for The Power of Peers, former Vistage CEO Rafael Pastor shared that CEOs have plenty of people to whom they are already accountable, including employees, customers, board members, etc.  As a result, he said most CEOs are loath to invite even more accountability than they already have....
CEO Journal

The CEO And The Art Of Framing

As the CEO, communication to the people in your organization often involves framing a situation in a fashion that promotes its greatest chance for success. That said, framing is more than just a euphemism for seeing the glass as half-full versus half-empty.  It’s not spin. And it’s not simply only...
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