Monday, April 12, 2021

Luxury Superyacht Charter

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Revealed: World’s Best Luxury Superyacht Charters And Superyacht Builders, 2020

Superyachts or megayachts are very popular among the rich and famous (CEOs, CFOs, senior management executives, business leaders, business leaders, and high net worth individuals), being extraordinarily luxurious and expensive. Leading players of Luxury Superyacht Market: There are a number of luxury superyacht charters and superyacht builders around the world....
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How to Be a Supportive Leader During Challenging Times

Businesses are reopening. Nations and states are loosening travel restrictions. People are making moves toward a “new normal.” And yet, rising case numbers and unemployment applications show that the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects are far from over. As a business leader, that means you’re still operating under crisis conditions. As with any crisis,...
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How workplace leaders can shape a workplace culture of wellbeing and mental flourishing

Leaders are key to shaping workplace culture. They set the mood and tone of work environments, making or breaking the development of a culture of wellbeing. Employees look to leaders for what behaviour, customs, attitudes and ways of communicating are favourable and acceptable in a work environment. During the COVID-19...
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