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Kaseya CEO’s Aggressive M&A Growth Strategy – What’s Fred Voccola’s Next Move?

Leading IT and cybersecurity management company Kaseya has a long track-record of shocking the industry with its market disrupting technology acquisitions. Having completed the acquisition of 13 companies since Fred Voccola took the helm as CEO in 2015, including a move that no one saw coming when it scooped up one of its biggest competitors in 2022 acquiring rival Datto for $6.2 Billion, the company has continued its relentless pursuit of expanding its portfolio of tightly integrated technologies to provide IT professionals with a single platform for all-things IT and security management.

Recently, the company hinted at a big announcement to come in April. Could another major acquisition be on the horizon?

Voccola: Major Announcement Coming

Previous transactions by Kaseya have included the acquisition of several pioneering technologies such as its purchase of leading IT documentation platform IT Glue in 2016, the 2018 acquisition of RapidFire Tools, an innovator in the area of IT reporting, and in that same year, the addition of Backup solutions to its portfolio when it snatched up both Unitrends and Spanning Cloud Apps.

In December, Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola teased another big announcement slated for the company’s upcoming annual Kaseya Connect conference to take place in April and according to the CEO, this announcement, “Will make the announcement of [Kaseya] buying Datto seem insignificant.”

Kaseya’s Unique M&A Strategy

Kaseya says their mission is to serve the over-burdened multi-function IT professional with a complete, integrated, and cost-effective set of solutions for IT and Security management – which has led them to both build and buy best-in-breed technologies and then tightly integrate the functionality into its platform, called IT Complete.

When united with its acquired technology partners, Kaseya says they’ve been able to deliver a robust solution for every IT Professional’s needs with time-saving workflow integrations that can be counted on for the long term, all while lowering the costs of those acquired solutions – making already attractive solutions instantly better and more efficient for its customers.

In statements following the Datto acquisition, Fred Voccola shared his unique approach to leveraging and integrating its acquired assets, “With every acquisition we’ve made, Kaseya strives to not change what made these companies great,” said Voccola.

“We invest to accelerate their [the acquired company’s] greatness opposed to changing what works. To ensure that happens, we maintain the independence and brand of the acquired company to ensure they continue with their culture and approach to innovation; we substantially increase the investment in Product and R&D of those companies to accelerate innovation and integrations; we retain the employees of the company, substantially increasing hiring; and we make each and every acquired product more affordable than they were prior to our buying them.”

So, What’s Next for Kaseya?

Voccola’s revelation of a major April announcement has sparked rumors of another large acquisition looming. Could Kaseya be eyeing another of its top competitors, or will the company’s April announcement be centered around game-changing advancements to the existing IT Complete platform? It’s too early to tell.

When pressed for more details about the hinted announcement at the company’s recent Kaseya+Datto M&A Symposium in London, Voccola said that he couldn’t reveal any details yet.

No doubt the IT Managed Service Provider community will be tightly tuned-in to Voccola’s keynote address at Kaseya’s April Connect Global MSP event to get all the juicy details.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Insider - Kaseya CEO’s Aggressive M&A Growth Strategy – What’s Fred Voccola’s Next Move?
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