Friday, January 15, 2021

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Art And CultureC-Suite Agenda

These 20 Universities Have Made It Into America’s Top Universities To Study Architecture And Interior Design List

The MIT School of Architecture and Planning, an institute dating back to 1865, is ranked No. 1 among CEOWORLD magazine's list of best-universities to study architecture and interior design for 2018, followed by Cornell AAP (College of Architecture, Art, and Planning). Yale School of Architecture (NO. 3) was just ahead...
Art And CultureExecutive Education

3 Unusual Applications that are Being Used in Architecture

Climate change is evident in the extreme summers and winters with an increasing number of fires and tornadoes, reducing agricultural land, increasing corrosion, rising sea levels, melting ice, etc. Hence, various industries such as the industrial sector are preparing to adapt to climate change. The building blocks of the future...
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