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Franchise Business Opportunity In UK

Does Entrepreneurs who want to start a franchise really have an opportunity in the UK? This question has been in mind of those businessmen who want to expand their business through franchise option.

However, the recent times have seen a great surge in the escalating of franchises for every sector in the UK. The reason behind this recent swelling his due to relaxation of the rules as imposed by British Franchise Association (BFA). Business experts have identified various advantages of opening a franchise in the UK. These are:

  • There is a limited risk in running a franchise in the UK
  • More than 95% of the units functioning as a franchisee in the UK are profitable
  • It is relatively easy to start a franchise in any field with ease and without any prior experience
  • Becoming a part of a franchise of a reputed brand would help an individual to establish itself in this business world
  • Easy procedure for securing funding for the business

Furthermore, the importance of franchises and directories such as https://www.pointfranchise.co.uk/ in the UK also lay on the fact that the current existing franchisee is high on motivation and have registered maximum growth and profit. Moreover, they do not face any issues related to the cost and operation which allows them to run their individual outlet in a more prominent way.

Due to all such factors, there has been the availability of a wide variety of franchise opportunities whole over the UK across a broad range of industries. Potential investors have been receiving the support of the government as well as a business model by getting themselves indulged in initial training to make their franchise a successful one. Once the investors are able to establish their franchisee network, they would be able to enhance their brand image and could dominate on the collective buying power as per their desire.

There are various sectors where the option of the franchise has become a common phenomenon. These are:

  • Home Care Franchises
  • B2B Franchises
  • Coffee Shop Franchises
  • Garage and Car Repair Franchises
  • Pizza Franchises

Moreover, there are many franchise opportunities available for the investors in the UK.

We’ve selected some of the best:

  • Active Net Marketing Franchise

They are a renowned internet franchise in the UK which allows an individual to work from home either as a part-time or full-time and helps in building a sustainable and profitable business with no requirement of technical expertise. Moreover, they would also receive best franchise support from the industry they are currently working.

  • Chipsaway Franchise

This franchise is beneficial to those who want to start their own business in an unknown sector. It guarantees that all the new franchise would be receiving a minimum amount of £80,000for conducting their operation in a successful manner for the first year. All the support from the given market-leading franchise would be provided to the investors with no prior requirement of experience so as to make their business a fruitful one.

  • Creams Café Franchise

These franchise work in food industry and provide training support and assistance to a new franchisee before and during store opening. The staff would be provided with 21 days of training with its supporting team to help them in recreating and training new staff as well as also assist in their operation until they become master in their business.

  • Drive Hire Franchise

It is the leading suppliers of logistics staff to various public and private sectors and provides high returns for its franchise owners. It gives high prominence to quality service and sales activity and provides temporary and permanent drivers for the transportation of goods and services across the country.

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