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What can you do to avoid well-designed ATM Skimmer Attack: tips and tricks?

Stories about well-designed ATM skimming schemes have become common in news headlines lately. If you haven’t heard of it so far — ATM Skimmer Attack is a more sophisticated form of ATM theft, where thieves employ fraudulent equipments to steal credit and debit card numbers and PINs. Card skimming and cloning is one of the major challenges that banks have to address.

What is ATM skimming?

According to the ATM Industry Association, “Card skimming is the unauthorized capture of magnetic stripe information by modifying hardware or software of a payment device or by using a separate card reader that sends account information to the scammer.”

An attacker installs an electronic card reader device that overlays the ATM’s genuine card slot.  When you swipe your card the counterfeit reader scans and stores the information contained on the magnetic stripe.

Please share your best tips and tricks to avoid well-designed ATM Skimmer Attack!!!

It’s difficult — once you’re aware of how sophisticated some of these skimmers can be — here are few tips about ATM skimmers and skimming scams to look for the next time you need to hit the ATM:

# Before swiping your card take a moment to look at the card reader.  Does it look like it’s an integral part of the machine?  Or does it stick out from the surface, or seem loose, or have an slightly different color?

# The next time you stop at your bank’s automated teller machine (ATM) to pull out some cash, I will always recommend, choosing a bank ATM over standalone ATMs in public places and try to avoid using ATMs in low trafficked areas.

# When entering your PIN at any ATM, cover the keypad with your other hand to protect your private information from any cameras… i also recommend you to periodically change your PIN number — The most reliable trick!

# C’mon please don’t forget to report any fraudulent activity at your debit and credit cards to your bank as soon as you discover it.

# Make sure nobody is “shoulder surfing” you to watch you enter your PIN.

# In the unlikely event that you discover a skimming device attached to the ATM, alert the bank or proprietor immediately.
Stay secure!

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