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Reliability and convenience: Detroit Electric plans two-seat battery-powered sports car

Cool, so we don’t have too long to wait. The automaker Detroit Electric, has announced that it will launch an all-electric two-seater battery-powered sports car at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. The car will be revealed in full on April 3rd at a private event in Detroit before making its public debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. Detroit Electric is back. Again!

Detroit Electric plans to bring the car to other major auto shows around the world. It gave no specifics on its planned sports car’s price, range, power or other details.

Led by a former Lotus Cars engineer, Andrew Lam, it will create 180 jobs and initially have the capacity to build 2,500 cars a year.

A spokeswoman for Detroit Electric stated that the all-electric sports car will be available to buyers in the United States, slated for production this coming August in Michigan.

All Detroit Electric will say is that it will announce a “major partnership with a global carmaker” at the Shanghai show, but one of the companies it previously planned to work with was Malaysia’s Proton, which currently owns Lotus.

The modern Detroit Electric, said Tuesday it signed a lease for offices on the 18th floor of the Fisher Building in downtown Detroit, and says it will create 180 sales and manufacturing-related jobs in the next 12 months.

A single image of the pure-electric two-seater shows a dramatically sculpted front end, LED headlights, side mirrors mounted on struts and an unusual roof line. But what’s missing is any mention of specifics.


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