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Beheading 2013: Major Mobile Advertising Trends

Heading closer to the New Year Eve, it’s rather natural to summarize what has been achieved and foresee the prospects for the upcoming future. Certainly, the advertising industry isn’t an exception of a rule; what is more, it happens to be even more essential to forecast the possible hot mobile advertising trends, if you’re interested in increasing your profits.

His Majesty “Mobile”

As it has been already witnessed this year, mobile ad sector is likely to keep its top positions among the most fast-growing segments of the market. The constant expansion of smartphone and tablet production and purchase rates will, undoubtedly, lead to the swell of profitability of mobile advertising campaigns.

As Epom Data Center research reveals, the dynamics of spending in the US in this sector, for instance, has grown for almost twice in 2012, and the prospects for 2013 seem to be likewise encouraging.

Further to the Apps

Having shown, perhaps, the most impressive results in 2012, in-app ad campaigns are likely to become even more widely-spread next year. Much due to the evolved application installs tracking technology, the segment will, apparently, increase its portability on the global scale, no matter which part of the world is being discussed.

Moreover, the foreseen expansion of the app diversity (around 83%, as Epom Data Center unveils) will also become a positive factor for the
efficiency of in-app ads, which are forecasted to gain around 6,8% of the whole advertising market.

Video on Mobile: Standards vs. Fresh Ideas

The proven eeffectiveness of video ad campaigns on mobile allows forecasting the continuous development of the niche in 2013, not only in the United States, for instance, where the relative market has already reached the higher stage of development, but in Eastern Europe and Asia as well.

Whereas the world standards for video and the creative core plot remain essential, the device compatibility will also play the crucial part in launching highly eeffective mobile video campaigns. In this respect, the approximate share of those can rise up to 11, 4%, according to Epom Data Center, where the pre-roll ads will, certainly, sustain their prevailing positions.

“Oh, these rich-rich media”

There’s the obvious reasoning why rich media are constantly becoming more and more popular in mobile ad campaigns now. These turn out to be much more interactive, captivating and, thus, more protable. Having converted into the so to say “new remedy” from users’ low feedback rates, rich media ads will be, undoubtedly, commonly used by advertisers in 2013 with the estimated foreseen share on mobile market being about 16,9%. All things considered, the major tendencies for 2013 can be described in one simple phrase: “Be creative, diversify your strategies, and, surely, stay mobile”.

By, Epom CEO Adam Jablonski expresses his predictions on the major mobile ad trends in 2013. Here you can find Epom company profile and his insight on In-App Advertising: “In-App Advertising: Increased Profits & Budding Perspectives ,” image by grodt198.

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