At Ideal Environments, “green energy” sounds like a good plan! But, why people are getting really frustrated with it? I find in my mind two wholly diverse points, number one it is extremely costly and number two requires heavy government subsidies.

If you remember last year’s “Solyndra Disaster”, How Obama administration rushed approval of the Solyndra’s $535-million federal loan for political reasons. Question comes in mind, why people in the government and the private sector as-well ignored huge red flags about the start-up solar company.

Experts argue appropriateness of “green energy” and expects more time, more generations government subsidies before it can reach economies of scale and become cost effective.

Here’s a few points of clarification regarding, reasons why hope is being lost on green energy?

– renewable energy’s per-unit costs are more then fossil fuel costs, here is a chart.

– coal will continue to be huge, here is a chart.

– Coal remains the dominant fuel for electricity generation

– Here’s a chart of grid parity projections Catherine Wood at AllianceBernstein: “Estimates for when solar becomes competitive keep getting pushed further and further back”

– Ditlev Engel, The head of the world’s biggest wind turbine maker, Vestas, said that the U.S. wind turbine market is likely to fall by 80 percent next year.

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