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Dental Excellence – dental clinic in the center of Warsaw, your teeth, your face – your beauty

This is an interview with Dr Jan Dethloff of the Dental Excellence, Warsaw, Poland

What are the reasons for the Dental Excellence clinic’s success on the Polish market?

First of all, the passion and the desire that our patients could fulfill their dreams of health and beautiful smile. We have a great team of doctors with various specializations therefore we may offer comprehensive dental care including aesthetic medicine. We constantly improve skills of our medical team throughout the best training programs in the country and abroad. We also work with worldrenowned specialists who, if necessary, consult our patients. Dentistry is so well developed science that cooperation and interdisciplinary treatment is the only guarantee for safety, proper treatment and ultimate success in restoring health.

dr. Jan Dethloff Warsaw

The clinic has an opinion of reputable and exclusive, is that true?

We are glad to be recommended by our patients to their friends and family. This means that we did a good job. Ability to support patients in several languages (English, German, Russian, French, Persian, Arabic) allows us to communicate and help foreigners living in Poland, the diplomatic Corps and people arriving from abroad. Are we exclusive? (Smile) The prices of our services are not exclusive, what easily can be checked on our website, but when it comes to advanced technology, offered services and their quality are definitely on the highest level.

Does technology play a major role in dental treatment today?

In my opinion, well-trained physician specialist who use modern technology in the form of hardware, software, bio-materials and access to global knowledge which has direct contact with specialists and research centers in the world can handle on the diagnosis and treatment much better than a person based on the eye, the sampling and standard drill. I am passionate about the technology.

For 12 years I introduce modern technology by training doctors in Europe through cooperation with renowned universities and companies in the dental industry. For me it is hard to imagine dental diagnostic without digital radiology, laser and electronic diagnostics, imaging programs and 3D design or implantology navigation, etc. Early detection of caries allows for non-invasive (without drill) and effective methods of laser treatment, photoactivated disinfection and restoration of enamel with nanoparticle technologies. Mechanical treatment is being replaced by knowledge and technology in the field of molecular biophysics and biochemistry. I recommend it especially to parents who want to ensure that their children have never known the meaning of the word „caries”.

dental clinic

Are you one of the few specialists in patients with atypical migraine headaches, tinnitus and crackles in the joints?

Yes, it’s true. This narrow area requires a multidisciplinary approach and knowledge. Increasingly younger patients visit our clinic with strongly worn teeth and enamel defects of the teeth’s neck. This kind of defects often lead to overloading of the teeth and exposing the necks of the teeth. Muscle overload causes atypical headaches, pain in neck and shoulder girdle and even pain in the eye or ear. There are noises and screams in your ear and it is the least desirable time such as during a scuba diving or flying an airplane. I cooperate with orthopedic surgeons from the National Center for Rehabilitation and doctors of the International Speech and Hearing Center in Kajetany. Fortunately, treatments are effective and allow patients to return to work or school in a short time. Sometimes, 48 hours is enough, for patient to feel free from symptoms.

Are implants popular in Poland? What do you offer in the clinic?

Dental implants are an ideal solution for the loss of a single tooth, several teeth, or the total edentulous. We use implantology navigation which is design and execution of prosthetics in computer systems. We use renowned Swedish implants from Astra Tech – a company which has a vast experience in the research and development of implantology. Sometimes we have to rebuild bone and gums which atrophied to make the final functional and aesthetic result ideal. We all want the new teeth to look natural and beautiful.

Dental Excellence

Range of Dental Services:

  • Diagnostics
  • Prophylaxis
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Surgery and Periodontology
  • Prosthetics
  • Preservative dentistry
  • Endodoncy /root canal treatment/
  • Orthodontics
  • Radiology
  • Laser therapy

We specialize in:

  • Malocclusions (attrition and overload of teeth, muscles and joints)
  • Sport dentistry

Dental Excellence
Al.Jerozolimskie 56 C, 00-8-3 Warszawa
tel 22-242-84-86 tel kom. 791010100
Entrance and free parking on Zelazna Street

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