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Why One Should Choose Online MBA From Polish University?

An interview with the Rector of the Vistula University, Mr Krzysztof Rybiński on its online MBA programs  and why one should choose online MBA from Polish University?

Mr. Krzysztof Rybiński: Today World is globalized and education is not limited under country’s boundaries. Vistula University’s Online MBA program is an intensive program that focuses on bridging the gap between the education and industry by creating industry specific programs. The program is designed to build on current knowledge and skill set while teaching you the latest business management, Project Management and Construction management, marketing techniques and strategies that are being applied in the corporate world. It gives a genuine edge by providing the knowledge, insights and confidence to operate successful in the corporate career and be the leader of tomorrow.

Poland is a country of impressive academic tradition and opportunities, in which to study and get experience of the European Union (27 member states), with wide selection of courses at lowest cost. Polish universities are eager to welcome foreign students and offer to the level of education to suit the market demands. Studying in Poland gives you a solid education and a better chance to find a good job in the European Union and beyond. Even in current economic crisis, Poland is the only one country among the European member state’s that maintains 3+, GDP growth rate. Thus Poland is the best destination for International students to get better education and experience prom a growing economy under European Union member states.

Krzysztof Rybiński, Dean of Vistula University
Krzysztof Rybiński, Dean of Vistula University

What is competitive advantage of Vistula University online MBA compared to other online MBAs?

Mr. Krzysztof Rybiński: Vistula MBA program is very unique for the working and non-working people. It can be best for the regular students as well as for the working class people.

The well-known scientists, Industrialist and experts, through online ‘live’ program, conduct their regular classes. Online MBA in construction Management, and Project Management, is very new program launched by Vistula University and till today no other university in Poland is offering such kind of Online MBA program. Perhaps uniqueness of this program is its subjects (specializations), teaching methods and very experienced and diversified faculty members.

Is online MBA good alternative for people who work full-time and do not have much time or cannot travel to Europe to finish MBA course?

Mr. Krzysztof Rybiński: Yes, Online MBA program is the best alternative for the people who work full-time and do not have much time or cannot travel to Europe to finish MBA course. Under this program our student can attain classes being anywhere in the world through live class and learn the same way of attending classes in classrooms.

The advantage of our online MBA programs is accessibility, which will allow you to pursue a degree from the comfort of your own home, without needing to worry about moving or otherwise changing your own circumstances to pursue the degree. So, there is no boundary to learn due to your busy schedule. Our program gives you world as a classroom and fulfills your dream to get MBA degree from a renowned university among Polish universities.

Who decides to take your MBA program?

Mr. Krzysztof Rybiński: Anyone can be a part of our MBA program who is having Bachelor Degree in any stream and willing to get Master Degree. Where, it is very much supportive for working class, at the same time this program encourage meritorious student’s to get MBA degree from Vistula University- a best university among Polish universities.

Are online faculties similar to full-time studies? What is the difference between online and full-time studies?

Mr. Krzysztof Rybiński: No. Online study program is totally different than the regular full-time studies programs. In regular full-time study students need to attain minimum 90 per cent class at the university class rooms and at end of semesters need to give exam in class rooms in front of supervisor to be permuted. Under online program students need to give exams online from anywhere in the world and need to submit Industrial Master work with 40 per cent of attendance to get final MBA Degree without any restriction to visit base institutions.  All class materials can be used by students through unique login and password issued by the university, and 24hours online support from our support team.

Who develops materials for online courses and supervise the students?

Mr. Krzysztof Rybiński: The multi-disciplinary faculty, drawn from the cream of academia as well as industry, develops program. Their diverse backgrounds and immense experience provides valuable insights into the many facets of the world of business. They facilitate the honing of each student’s individual capacities to the optimum level and play a large role in shaping the students’ personality, knowledge and career.

Do you think that online education is the future?

Mr. Krzysztof Rybiński: I think today online education goes beyond giving you just a degree. It prepares you for a high-flying career as a top corporate leader equipped with the wherewithal to occupy the very top echelons of the corporate world. Online education programs is going to be more accessible to the students and working people, because it will allow them to pursue a degree from the comfort of their own home, without needing to worry about moving or otherwise changing their own circumstances to pursue the degree. All educational material and teaching classes can be access around the clock, around the globe. Students won’t find themselves lamenting the fact that their own lives prevent them from pursuing an education, when they have the flexibility afforded by programs for online education degree’s programs at lowest costs.

Thus, in future online program is going to be more effective and carrier oriented based on latest market demand. Vistula University took the further step with long vision by developing online MBA program for the national and International students by giving them an opportunity to a part of the world education and became leader of tomorrow.

Vistula University: Founded in 1996 as ‘the University of Economics and Computer Science’, one of the first private universities of Poland, VU has proven its dedication to its mission through creating an excellent environment for education and research. Since its establishment, VU has had a very successful track record of teaching and research. A fact attested by its nearly 20 thousand graduates.
The University’s pursuit of excellence has gained global recognition. It has a uniquely international atmosphere with academic programs that meet the requirements of competitive global markets of tomorrow.
Vistula University has been awarded the European Medal and the “Leader University” Certificate (2011) assigned by the prestigious Business Centre Club of Poland and has obtained the title of ‘the Ambassador of Polish Science’. It has also received a special award for its stellar rise in rankings among non-public Universities.
The objective of our Master Degree Programs are to improve the level and quality of professionalism of the adult population and to implement regional, educational and specific quality.
To be a world-class Master Management Education Program, providing professional and value-added services to our students to achieve Industry Excellence.
To find out more please check our MBA program page:

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