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Interview with Prof. Krzysztof Rybiński, Dean of Vistula University, Poland

Last year in Perspektywy ranking Vistula University took 18-th place in the category of non- public MA universities and was awarded with a special prize “Awans 2011’. What factors according to you decided about these results?

We leaped forward 20 positions. Perspektywy is a very complex ranking, the most prestigious one in Poland, it takes into account many factors so it is difficult to say that one or two improvements did the trick. Our mission states “we aim to provide quality business education to the international community of students”, and we are very serious about this mission. We have students from more than 30 countries and we cooperate very closely with business. For example according to our strategy at least 50% of diploma projects completed at Vistula University will be implementation of real business projects. We invite practitioners to teach students, we provide research assistance to the private sector. We have excellent facilities and good and friendly study atmosphere.


Krzysztof Rybiński, Dean of Vistula University

Krzysztof Rybiński, Dean of Vistula University

In what way should Vistula University differ from other non-public universities in Poland to stay popular both among Polish and foreign students?

We do have a differentiation strategy. Students at Vistula do study in a truly international environment, so you learn various topics and the same time learn about different cultures, make friends from around the world. We also attach great importance to equipping our student with right skills to achieve professional success. Every student has to take a course on setting up and running her or his own company, or on project management. Thee soft skills will pay off in the future. We also offer rare languages, such as Chinese and Indonesian, we are the only University in Warsaw that has set up a Confucius classroom, which hopefully will soon be transformed in the fi rst Confucius Institute in Warsaw.

We have established Indo-European Centre and have signed agreements with six prestigious universities in India. We have already recruited students from India, and have research cooperation with Indian partners. All this was achieved just within last 12 months, and we are just warming up.


Vistula University

Vistula University

May research conducted at the University stand for a base for working out the documents which could be specific signposts giving suggestions to politicians about economic matters?

Vistula University takes active role in the public debate about the future of Poland. For example last year we published a report on the Innovativeness of the Polish Economy. This report was presented in June 2011 as the opening presentation of the II Innovation Congress to president and several key ministers, it received great publicity and was very warmly welcomed by business circles. Government did not like it, because it showed that government is poorly targeting innovation development funds. This year we have finished a report “Influence of groups of interest in the Polish lawmaking”, we analyzed 1366 laws passed in the past 22 years and have unique and very strong results. This report will make many recommendation about the necessary changes to the lawmaking process in Poland. We will present the report in public in late March. There are more projects in the pipeline. We do not produce irrelevant academic writing, as many other universities do, our research has to have practical and powerful meaning.

In your writings and speeches you are often very critical about the government policy, especially of departments related to economy. Meanwhile, the budget deficit has been limited and we are still the leaders in Europe on account of the economic growth. Moreover, the head of the Ministry of Finance and the head of the Central Bank are highly appreciated against the politicians from other countries. Is the international opinion wrong?

I am happy that Polish public sector figures are highly rated abroad. The ratings are created such that Jacek Rostowski gets points for the strength of the Polish economy, and because economy was strong compared to other countries, he scored very well. I was very critical about Tusk government because there were no real reforms in the past four years, just “green island PR”. This has changed after last year elections, better later than never. The real test for Tusk government will come in 2013, when EU funds “steroids” will be taken away and Rostowski will have to continue fiscal tightening after four years of fiscal extravaganza. I predict that we will slide into recession, it will be a price that Poland will pay for lack of reforms.

What economic trump-cards according to you Poland can offer foreign investors?

Above all well-educated labor force and location in the center of Europe. When you hire a young Pole, she or he will work 16 hours a day to achieve success, will speak foreign languages and will learn fast. You cannot find such attitudes in Western Europe, no way. But it is high time for Poland to stop thinking about “being attractive” to FDI, we need to start expansions ourselves. Some Polish companies have already started going global, think about KGHM acquisition of QUDRA or about the“Witcher”, famous game played around the world.

You have recently announced that you were going to manage the Eurogeddon Fund the aim of which would be to generate profits in case of the bankruptcy of Greece and the debt crisis escalation in Europe. What arguments speak for the realization of such economic scenario and how would the fund under you management make profit?

European leaders and ECB think that if they print enough money, they will stop the crisis. In fact they are making thing more dangerous, they delayed bankruptcy of Greece, and now the cost in twice of what it was two years ago. This year PIGS countries will suffer recession, co in early 2013 the situation will be more dangerous than today, with all PIGS countries facing large financial troubles or even bankruptcy. I expect that many banks in the Eurozone will go belly up. In such case stock markets will tank massively, prices of Italian bonds will tank as well, and euro will sink against the dollar. In Eurogeddon we are shorting the euro, Italian bonds and stocks and going long dollar and gold. Going back to the beginning of our interview, we want to keep our students close to business. I teach financial markets at Vistula University, so I will be able to show students how to apply the financial knowledge into practice.


Vistula University

Vistula University

Vistula University: Founded in 1996 as ‘the University of Economics and Computer Science’, one of the first private universitiesof Poland, VU has proven its dedication to its mission through creating an excellent environment for education and research. Since its establishment, VU has had a very successful track record of teaching and research. A fact attested by its nearly 20 thousand graduates.

The University’s pursuit of excellence has gained global recognition. It has a uniquely international atmosphere with academic programs that meet the requirements of competitive global markets of tomorrow.

Vistula University has been awarded the European Medal and the “Leader University” Certificate (2011) assigned by the prestigious Business Centre Club of Poland and has obtained the title of ‘the Ambassador of Polish Science’. It has also received a special award for its stellar rise in rankings among non-public Universities.


The objective of our Master Degree Programs are to improve the level and quality of professionalism of the adult population and to implement regional, educational and specific quality.


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