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What do you think of hacking group Anonymous 200GB worth of data target Stratfor? Who’s next?

ONLINE hacking group Anonymous is claiming to have stolen 200GB worth of data, including emails and credit-card information from the clients, the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and Miami Police Department of a US-based security company, Stratfor. Anonymous has previously claimed responsibility for cyber attacks on financial institutions seen as enemies of the whistleblowing website Wikileaks.

The hacktivist group Anonymous also used online social networking site Twitter to post a link to a list of clients apparently belonging to think tank Stratfor Global Intelligence.

“Not so private and secret anymore?” read one of numerous tweets from AnonymousIRC, a Twitter account linked to Anonymous. The hackers said they had been able to obtain the information in part because Stratfor did not encrypt it, which could prove a big blow to a company that calls itself a global intelligence firm.

The activist hacker group, Anonymous also tweeted that it has “enough targets lined up to extend the fun fun fun of LulzXmas thought the entire next week.” Lulz is a reference to a related hacking group known as Lulz Security

The global intelligence company, Stratfor apparently said in an e-mail to members that it had suspended its servers and e-mail following a hack.

“We have reason to believe that the names of our corporate subscribers have been posted on other web sites,” said the e-mail, which was obtained by the Associated Press via subscribers. “We are diligently investigating the extent to which subscriber information may have been obtained.”

“Stratfor and I take this incident very seriously. Stratfor’s relationship with its members and, in particular, the confidentiality of their subscriber information, are very important to Stratfor and me,” reads a message posted to the Stratfor Facebook page by CEO George Friedman. “We are working closely with law enforcement in their investigation and will assist them with the identification of the individual(s) who are responsible. ”

The goal? The attackers were planning to use the stolen credit card information to collect a sum of one million dollars to give various charities for the holiday season.

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