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Top Best Cookbook and Recipe Management software for you

BigOven Deluxe– MasterCook is your one-stop cookbook for the entire family! Make crowd-pleasing food using fresh, natural ingredients; simple techniques; and basic equipment. Discover how to relax and enjoy yourself in the kitchen as you prepare mouth-watering meals for every occasion.

Living Cookbook– Living Cookbook is award-winning, easy-to-use nutrition, cooking and recipe management software. Use it to create, organize, print and e-mail your recipes. Other features include a meal planning calendar, cookbook publishing, nutritional analysis, menus, ingredient database, grocery lists, web integration, import and export, reference library, powerful search engine, clone recipes, customize recipe views, backup and restore, integrated spell-checker and more. Comes with over 1000 free recipes.Living Cookbook Main Features:Smart Computing Smart Choice Award – Living Cookbook won Smart Computing Magazine’s prestigious Smart Choice Award.

MasterCook– MasterCook Deluxe has made life in the kitchen a whole lot easier. Just because you’re short on time, your meals don’t have to be short on taste. Plan your menus instantly with thousands of recipes, learn time-saving tips and help keep your family heatlhy. MasterCook Deluxe Version 9 is your complete recipe and nutrition manager, featuring over 8,000 delicious recipes.

AccuChef– AccuChef is recipe software that allows you to collect, exchange and organize your recipes and much more. Print out cookbooks, create web pages, print a shopping list (in store aisle order), organize your coupons, perform nutritional analysis, cost your recipes, print out index cards, email recipes to your friends, design your own output or type in ingredients you have on hand and let it suggest recipes you can make!AccuChef Main Features:Over 150 recipes included (thousands available, or input your own)Each cookbook file can contain over 2,000,000,000 (that’s billion) recipes and you can have an unlimited number of cookbook filesPrint out double sided cookbooks with a table of contents, headers & footersCreate customized web pages of your recipesAutoguess will guess at what you’re typing, reducing input time.

Cook’n with Betty Crocker Deluxe– Millions of cooks turn to Betty Crocker cookbooks for accessible, reliable, foolproof recipes. Cook’n with Betty Crocker is the newest release of America’s favorite recipe organizer, and includes ten of Betty Crocker’s best-selling cookbooks. The Cook’n program helps users collect and keep track of recipes from any source, making it easy to find just the recipe they need without thumbing through countless cookbooks or piles of recipe cards. Recipes in Cook’n can be printed, downloaded to a Palm-based handheld or emailed to friends with the click of a button. Cook’n will automatically adjust recipes for larger or smaller servings, and perform a nutritional analysis of the recipes.

Cook’n Recipe Organizer– Organize, print, and e-mail recipes with Cook’n Recipe Organizer. You can analyze a meal’s nutritional value, satisfy your dietary needs, and make grocery lists and menus. Popular titles include Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Taste of Home, and low carb. Version 8.2 expands print features such as print preview, a preloaded cookbook format and the ability to print pictures, and also has the ability to spell check recipes, reorganize chapters and many other extra features.

Cookbook Wizard– Cookbook Wizard recipe software uses a series of simple, self-descriptive tabs to guide you through adding your own recipes, as well as a complete search/selection process when you need to find them. We have made saving and searching simple by including an abundance of the most popular cuisines or categories to choose from. You can also search for specific recipes by name, ingredients, occasion, preparation method, course, source, or even a combination of any of those together!

One Million Recipes– USES MOBIPOCKET READERClick here to download the FREE ReaderOver One Million Recipes categorized into 52 ebooks will be added to your account when you purchase this product.Includes Over One Million Recipes indexed into 52 categories.

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