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Can Social Networking sites increase search engine rankings?

The use of social media as a business tool is becoming an important component of any well balanced marketing plan. An interesting question is whether any of the popular social networking sites can assist a business in getting better search engine rankings.

If you have a message to get across that has mass appeal then maybe these sites can benefit your overall business plan. Using these sites to bombard the public with your message just to get people to buy your products or services will ultimately end up ignored and create negative public relations for your company.

Here is a list of some of the popular social sites and how they can benefit you:


DIGG is a user generated news website that has not been the darling of the social set but still remains very popular. People who sign up to the website can add news stories that they have found on websites that they think the community may enjoy. Then people can DIGG the post if they like it. The post with the most DIGG’s will show up first on the website.

Stumbleupon is very similar to DIGG but saves web pages rather than actual news items. You can stumble any page that you find is interesting and if you click the stumble button on the stumble upon toolbar this will send you to a website that someone else has stumbled.

FaceBook – The gold standard of social networking the FaceBook experience was once geared more  for people keeping in touch with there friends then seeking products or services. But recently FaceBook is becoming an ever growing tool for companies looking to spread the word.

Twitter – Twitter is receiving tremendous buzz at the moment and has quickly become a must to participate in. Twitter is very similar to FaceBook but is what is called micro blogging as it only lets you enter a certain amount of characters per post.

The problem with these websites in terms of search engine optimization is that they mostly use a no-follow tag within the links which won’t help increase a companies search engine rankings. However these sites can of course, if used correctly, generate huge amounts of traffic directly to your website. They can also assist your business in being recognized as a valued knowledge base in your industry.

Social Networking sites can help you make more sales and promote services by driving traffic to your website.

Editorial Staff: By Jeff Bressler (

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